Corona: ‘Very difference between delta wave and today’s wave…’, Delhi Health Minister said – nothing to panic – delhi health minister satyendra jain corona cases no alarming condition ntc

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  • Jain said – infection rate will be 1-2 percent higher than tomorrow
  • Not everyone’s genome sequencing is possible – Satyendra Jain

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Delhi. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has said that only 10% of beds in hospitals are full. 90% beds are vacant. At present, there are 40 thousand active cases, whereas in the last wave, when there were 40 thousand active cases, then seven times more patients were admitted in hospitals. This time there are less serious patients. He said that if a patient has mild symptoms, then get treatment in home isolation only.

‘Around 20 thousand cases will come in Delhi today’

Satyendra Jain said that today there will be around 20 thousand cases in Delhi and the infection rate will be recorded one or two percent more than tomorrow. If corona is spreading everywhere, then it will also spread among healthcare workers. Most of the healthcare workers are in home isolation. He also said that there is no alarming situation yet. There are lakhs of healthcare workers in Delhi and the Delhi government is fully prepared.

‘Very big difference between delta wave and today’s wave’

Jain said- Health assistants are also ready. His training has been completed. They will be deployed if needed. Duty will be engaged as Nursing Assistant for Basic Patient Care. There is a big difference between the previous delta wave and today’s wave. In the last wave, when there were 17 thousand cases, then two and a half thousand patients were admitted to the hospital and now 17 thousand cases have come, then only 200 to 300 patients have been admitted to the hospital.

‘Covid behavior is looking good since 3 days’

He said – Right now there are more patients in hospitals who have come in contact with Corona when they reach the hospital for treatment of other disease. Delhi has first imposed many restrictions in the country. For the last 3 days, the Kovid behavior is getting better. 100% people are wearing masks. Another form of lockdown is locking the face i.e. wearing a mask on the face. If 100% of the people wear masks while leaving the house, then lockdown will be more beneficial. 1 lakh tests are being done daily in Delhi. In the last wave, when there were 17 thousand cases in Delhi, more than 200 deaths were taking place, but today only 9 deaths have been registered. Among these 9 people are people who already had a serious illness. Whether they were vaccinated or not, it will have to be assessed in such a way that 100% of the people in Delhi have got the first dose and 75% of the people have got both the doses.

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‘Genome sequencing of so many cases is not possible’

The Health Minister of Delhi further said- Earlier 200 cases were being registered daily, then genome sequencing of all the cases was being done. Now more than 15 thousand cases are coming, so genome sequencing cannot be done. The purpose of conducting the first genome sequencing was to find out whether there is an omicron or not. Now it is known that Omicron has arrived in Delhi. Omicron was found in 81% of the people reported on December 30 and 31. Till now no death has been reported in Delhi due to Omicron. Pray to God that the peak comes at the earliest and the numbers start going down.

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