Corona’s terror is gaining momentum, more than 1.5 lakh cases came in 24 hours – corona virus turning serious in india 1 point 59 lakh cases in 24 hours 327 died ntc

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  • More than one and a half lakh cases came in a day
  • 40,863 people cured in 24 hours

After the outbreak of the last two waves of Corona virus, even thinking about the third wave, people are getting goosebumps. With the sudden increase in corona cases since the beginning of the year 2022, it is being said that the third wave has arrived. Talking about today, 1,59,632 new Kovid cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. During this, 40,863 people were cured and 327 deaths occurred.

Corona’s positivity rate at 10.21%

At present, there are 5,90,611 active cases of corona in the country while a total of 3,44,53,603 people have been completely cured and 4,83,790 people have died. Talking about the positivity rate, it remains at 10.21%. 151.58 crore vaccinations were done in the last 24 hours by combining the first and second doses.

‘Cases will start decreasing from the beginning of March’

It is worth noting that at this time the terror of Corona is terrifying, but on the basis of mathematical modeling in the new study, it has been calculated that the cases of Omicron variant of coronavirus will be highest in the third and fourth weeks of January and then by the beginning of March. will start decreasing. This mathematical model also takes into account past infections, vaccinations and weakened immunity. Despite past infections and vaccinations, a large part of the population can still easily fall prey to the new variant.

According to the study, depending on the different estimates about the number of people who become easily victims of the virus (ie sick, old and people with weak immunity), up to 3 lakh, 6 lakh or 10 lakh cases can be reported daily. .

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