Coronavirus Third Wave Alert Vaccination Lockdown Weekend Curfew Covid Task Force Dr Nk Arora Interview Latest News Update – Corona Alert: Dr. Arora said – neither fear nor panic about corona infection, everyone is under control

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reviewing the high-level meeting and preparations on the Corona transition. Just before this, Dr. Narendra Kumar Arora, associated with the Kovid Task Force, said that 1.75 lakh new infected have definitely come in the last 24 hours, but there is no need to panic, fear, panic. Dr. Arora said that this time there will be no shortage of oxygen, ventilators, ICU and hospital beds. Although the infection rate of corona is fast, but its severity and lethality are estimated to be much less than in the first two years.

Is India trapped in the web of Corona?
Dr. Arora said that such questions are meaningless. Till last year, 80 per cent of the country’s population has been affected by the delta variant in some form or the other. 80-85% of children infected with it have been cured. 86,08,12,039 people have received the first dose and 63,19,98,826 people have received the second dose. 2,29,49280 children (15-18 years) have been vaccinated. That is to say, immunity has been developed in a large number of people. Therefore, the infection of corona will neither be very fatal, nor serious. The number of fatalities will be much less than the delta variant. Dr. Arora says that those who have received both the doses of the vaccine, they are getting infected, but are getting cured easily. So there is no need to panic a lot.

Monitoring, review is being done everyday at the government and top level
Dr. Arora said that its monitoring and review is going on continuously since the corona transition period. Even at this time, the process of monitoring the infection on a daily basis is very fast. There is a lot of sensitivity even at the top leadership level. He said that the operation of 981 trains was canceled so that the speed of infection could be reduced. By implementing the weekend curfew in Delhi from 10 pm on Friday night, its infection rate will be reduced by 30 percent. Here our strategy is that the whole country should not fall prey to this infection simultaneously. Keep getting infected and keep getting better. Its infection becomes like a cold. Along with this, gene sequencing is being done on a large scale. Dr. Arora said that in two years, Corona has taught a lot to the experts related to healthcare. We have gained experience in adopting better methods of working on emergency planning as soon as possible. These experiences are being fully embraced.

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The public also became aware, now not everyone comes to the hospital
Dr. Arora said that the public also learned a lot. Last year, by the time 1.75 lakh cases of infection were reported, beds in hospitals were full. This year, 85% of hospital beds, intensive care units are all empty. Now people are not running directly towards the hospital. Dr. Arora said that only those with four symptoms should come to the hospital.
1. Whose fever is very high, it is not coming down.
2. Oxygen level is coming below 90.
3. Continuous coughing while talking and unable to speak.
4. Have trouble breathing.

No one needs to come to the hospital except for the above four symptoms. Better treatment is possible at home. People should wear masks, avoid overcrowding, wash hands frequently, take precautions. Following the Kovid protocol is the biggest defense against its infection.

No one can stop the growth in healthcare
The country’s well-known doctor, strategist and medical service expert says that now no one can stop the development in healthcare. Corona has included it in the political agenda. This sector had been off the agenda for the past several decades. Therefore, there will continue to be abundance of opportunities, development and resources in the health sector in the coming times. This is a good thing and it will help in keeping the people of the country healthy.

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