Covid-19: Will India be at the peak of third wave in a few days? Know what experts say – coronavirus covid19 third wave peak in India in January and low in march know experts advice ntc

Story Highlights

  • The peak of the third wave may come in January or February.
  • Many people will be infected in this peak
  • It is very dangerous to reach the peak of the third wave

Once again a big jump has been seen in the cases of corona virus. In the last 24 hours, 2,64,202 new corona patients have appeared in the country. This figure is 6.7 percent more than yesterday ie Thursday. In India, the infection rate of corona has now increased to 14.78 percent. At present, there are 5,753 cases of the new variant i.e. Omicron in the country.

In such a situation, the number of patients in the third wave of corona across the country is increasing day by day. The positivity rate is increasing continuously in many small and big cities. Dr Subhash Giri, director of Delhi’s GTB Hospital, says that with the positivity rate, the cases of corona-infected patients will also increase continuously. The positivity rate depends on many factors. Firstly, how many tests have you done, secondly, how serious are the cases of your positive samples as well as how are the skills of the people.

Doctor Giri said that as the positivity rate will increase, so will the cases of corona infected patients. In the coming time, we will have to see double positive rate even from this positivity rate. He said that if we talk about the third wave, then the peak of the third wave can come in the first week of January or February and by March this peak will fall. But many people will be infected in this peak.

On the other hand, Dr Vivek Nangia, director of Max Super Specialty Hospital, says that it is very dangerous for the third wave to reach the peak. Doctor Nangia says that now the hospitalization has started increasing as compared to the last few days. This is happening because there is an increase in positivity seats. Now this disease is happening more to those people who have the problem of comorbidity. In such a situation, it is necessary that we all take precautions together and do not be careless. Because even a little carelessness can prove to be very fatal.

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Negligence about vaccine is costing life

Anyone who has not yet got corona infection and who has not taken a single dose of the vaccine or has taken only one dose, then this carelessness can cost life. The ongoing trend regarding corona vaccines and deaths in the country and in the world suggests that the vaccine may not be as effective against the new variant Omicron, but if you have received both doses of the vaccine, then the vaccine is not for serious disease in case of infection. Not only giving protection, but also preventing deaths.

Arun Gupta, President of Delhi Medical Council, citing UK data that came on December 31, said that not only have everyone in the UK received both doses of the vaccine, but a booster has also been installed. Data analysis shows that severe deaths or hospitalizations were reduced by 82 percent in fully vaccinated people. It is clear that the vaccine is more effective than unvaccinated.

There is a vaccine, even if an infection occurs, it will be a mild infection. Dr. Arun believes that since the delta wave was prominent when the vaccine was made, and the vaccine was made accordingly. In such a situation, the effect of the vaccine has been found to be less in Omicron as compared to Delta.

Delhi government’s data says that only people taking the same dose or not taking the vaccine are dying in Delhi. The latest data says that 89 out of 97 people who were either not vaccinated or were partial. In such a situation, those whose second dose is left, they should get the vaccine immediately. Most of the people died due to some other diseases and then they got corona. In such a situation, do not ignore other diseases. In Delhi, 73 percent of the deaths occurred between January 5 and 12 without the vaccine.

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