Crops affected by hailstorm: Heavy damage to the crops of the farmers in niwari lbsa

Story Highlights

  • Farmers’ crop destroyed by hailstorm
  • The crisis of livelihood in front of many farmers

The January-February rains were considered a boon for the farmers, but in the meantime, heavy hailstorms in many areas have ruined the happiness of the farmers. In Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh, crops have been badly damaged due to hailstorm on Sunday morning.

In more than half a dozen villages including Madiya, Dumduma, Para Khera of Prithvipur development block of Niwari district, due to the hailstorm for 20 minutes, a sheet of snow was seen in the fields. There has been a lot of damage.

Meanwhile, painful videos have also started appearing from Niwari. Due to the complete destruction of standing crops in the fields, a woman named Butter Rajak was seen crying helplessly. He says that agriculture is the only source of livelihood for his family. In the event of crop failure, a huge crisis has arisen in front of the family.

Farmers say that Bundelkhand is like a drought-prone area. Every year our crops get ruined due to one reason or the other. This time the harvest was expected to be good. The crops benefit from the first rain of winter. But we are completely ruined because of the hailstorm. Farmers demanded compensation from the government as soon as possible for the crops destroyed by the hailstorm

The crops sown in 8 thousand acres of Prithvipur block have been damaged, quoting Niwari Collector Narendra Suryavanshi. He said that as soon as the loss of crops due to hailstorm was received, we have sent a team to the spot to review the damage immediately on the instructions of the government. After the complete report of the team comes, we will start further action to get compensation to the farmers.

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