Delhi: bought stolen laptop, became a businessman murderer…

Story Highlights

  • The mobile of the deceased was found in Yamuna
  • The body was wrapped in plastic and thrown near the deserted park.
  • The accused said – the deceased was blackmailing him

A young man was blackmailing the buyer after selling two stolen laptops. Fed up with this, the businessman who bought the laptop strangled the young man to death. The body was wrapped in plastic and thrown near a park. In this case, five including the businessman’s brother have been arrested by the police.

According to the information, this incident is from the Sarai Rohilla Police Station area of ​​North Delhi. Claiming to solve the crime within 24 hours, the police have nabbed all the 4 accused in the murder. The scooter used in the crime and the mobile phone of the deceased have been recovered from the Yamuna river with the help of a diver.

The body was found in Sarai Rohilla area on 7 January

On January 7 last, a dead body wrapped in plastic was found near a park in Indralok of Police Station Sarai Rohilla area. After this there was a sensation in the area. When the police reached the spot and started investigating the matter, the deceased was identified as Abhishek, a resident of Pratap Nagar. Many criminal cases were registered against him.

Police formed a team to find out the reason behind the murder. After this, information was received about the deceased having a dispute with the owner of a bakery shop. When the police reached the bakery shop, there was strict interrogation. The bakery owner confessed to the crime.

Bakery owner said: the deceased was blackmailing him

The bakery owner told the police that he had bought a stolen laptop from Abhishek, after which he was being blackmailed. On this, the bakery owner strangled Abhishek to death with the help of his two brothers and another accomplice. His body was disposed of.

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According to the police, 20 cases are already registered against the deceased in different cases. He had sold 2 stolen laptops to Fazal Ansari, a bakery owner in Padam Nagar, for 5-5 thousand. After this, he had recovered money several times while blackmailing the bakery owner Afzal. The deceased had reached the bakery owner on January 7 to demand money. Abhishek had reached the bakery of accused Afzal Ansari, after which Afzal, along with his brothers, strangled him to death.

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