Delhi Fire Tragedy: Fire extinguished in 6 hours, many missing; Watch Delhi Fire Tragedy Updates – Delhi Mundka Fire Tragedy: Watch top development

Delhi Fire Tragedy: Fire extinguished in 6 hours, many missing, see updates related to Delhi fire

In Delhi’s horrific fire, 27 people lost their lives and 12 people were injured. The fire broke out in a four-storey building in Delhi’s Mundka area. On the second floor of the building was the office and warehouse of the company making CCTV and router, there was a fire in it. Due to the presence of only one staircase in the building, the people of the upper floor got trapped due to which there was so much loss of life. Watch this special show.

As many as 27 people died after a massive fire broke out at a three-storey commercial building near Mundka metro station in west Delhi. several others are still missing. Watch this bulletin to know more.

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