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Coronavirus Omicron in Delhi: Due to Omicron, Corona has again started wreaking havoc in the capital Delhi. On Tuesday, more than 21 thousand new patients have appeared in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may be talking about not imposing lockdown in Delhi, but now Delhi is slowly moving towards lockdown.

Many restrictions have now been imposed in Delhi. Now you cannot leave the house without any reason. In such a situation, many questions also arise like- when can I get out of the house. Can go to office or not. Can I eat food at restaurant or food stall? Know the answers to 10 questions of your work …

1. What restrictions will remain in Delhi now?

– Now restrictions like lockdown have been imposed in the capital Delhi. Night curfew will continue from Monday night to Thursday night. Night curfew will be in place from 10 pm to 5 am. Apart from this, the weekend curfew will remain in force from 10 pm to 5 am on Friday night. During the curfew, only people connected with essential services will be allowed to move.

2. Will restaurants and bars remain open?

– No. Restaurants and bars have been closed. People cannot sit and eat food in the restaurant. However, restaurants will be allowed to do home delivery. The bar will be completely closed.

3. Will street food continue?

– No. Roadside food stalls will now remain closed.

4. Will shopping malls, cinema theaters open?

– No. Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, spas will remain closed till further orders. Sports complexes and swimming pools will also remain closed. Schools and colleges will also remain closed for now.

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5. Will the markets remain open?

Markets will remain open as per the earlier guidelines. That is, from Monday to Friday, all the shops will be open from 10 am to 8 pm. These shops will open on the odd-even formula. However, only shops of essential goods will open during the weekend curfew.

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6. Can I go out for jogging and exercise?

– Yes. You can go out for jogging or exercise. But during the weekend curfew, one cannot even go out for jogging or exercise.

7. What are the rules on going to the office?

Private offices will now be completely closed. Till now private offices were allowed to open the credit of 50 percent of the staff. But now the entire staff of private offices will work from home. However, private offices related to essential services will continue to operate. Private banks, media persons, private doctors, nursing staff, petrol pumps, insurance company offices will remain open. Government offices will also remain closed. In government offices also, most of the employees will do work from home only.

8. When can I go out of the house?

– Supreme Court, High Court, District Court judges, lawyers, staff will be exempted. People associated with the hearing of a case can leave the house. ID card is a must.

Officers or employees working in embassies can also come and go by showing ID cards.

Private doctors, nursing staff, paramedical staff and people associated with health services can come and go. They must have a valid ID card.

Apart from pregnant women, they can go out to see a doctor or on a medical emergency. Along with this, it is necessary to have a doctor’s form and I card.

Can leave the house for corona examination and vaccination.

Passengers will be allowed to move from airport, bus stand and railway station. They should have tickets.

Journalists associated with electronic and print media will be exempted.

Even if there is an exam, you can leave the house with the admit card. People engaged in exam duty can also leave the house.

Only 20 guests are allowed to attend the wedding. To go to the wedding, it is necessary to have a marriage card.

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9. What are the rules for metro and bus?

Metro and buses will run at full capacity. Passengers will not be able to travel standing in the metro. 100% passenger is allowed in DTC buses also. But even here passengers cannot travel standing.

10. Can you go to temple, mosque or your religious place?

– No. All religious places including temples, mosques will remain open, but devotees are not allowed to come here. Similarly, any kind of cultural, religious, social and political gathering is also prohibited.

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