Delhi: Supreme Court dowry murder accused mother in law appeal dismissed sentencing upheld law crime ntc

Story Highlights

  • The daughter-in-law of the accused woman had committed suicide in 2006.
  • Case related to dowry harassment and murder
  • Supreme Court sentenced the accused woman

The country’s highest court rejected the appeal of an 80-year-old woman accused of dowry harassment and dowry death. The daughter-in-law of the accused woman had committed suicide after getting fed up with the harassment. Now the accused woman will have to face the punishment.

In a judgment on Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of three persons, including the mother-in-law (80-year-old) of a woman who committed suicide in 2006. However, considering the age of the accused mother-in-law, the apex court has reduced her sentence from one year to three months.

Hearing in this case, the Supreme Court said, ‘It is a very serious crime, when a woman commits cruelty to her daughter-in-law. When one woman does not protect another woman, later every daughter-in-law will become insecure.

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In the judgment, Justice MR. Shah and B.V. Nagarathna’s Bench said, “Being a woman, the appellant, that is, the mother-in-law, should have been more sensitive. If one woman i.e. mother-in-law does not protect the other woman, then the other woman i.e. daughter-in-law will become insecure.

The court observed that since the husband of the victim was also living abroad, and the victim was living alone with her in-laws, it was the duty of the mother-in-law and her family to take care of her daughter-in-law and harass her instead of harassing her. Doesn’t do it.

The accused woman is Meera, a resident of Chennai. Whose age is now 80 years. He will have to undergo imprisonment for cruelty to his daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law committed suicide in 2006. The accused Meera was about 63 years old at the time of the incident. Now he will have to spend 3 months in jail.

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