Delhi Weekend Curfew: 56-hour curfew is going to be imposed in Delhi, will not be able to do this work – know all about delhi weekend curfew restrictions and exemption delhi govt epass and icard permission ntc

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  • Curfew will be effective from 10 am on Friday night till 5 am on Monday
  • not allowed to go out without reason
  • Apply for e-pass by visiting

Within 24 hours, 17335 new cases of corona virus have been reported in the capital of the country, Delhi. The infection rate has now reached 17.73% in the state. There have also been 9 deaths due to this deadly virus. At the same time, active cases have increased to 39873. Meanwhile, in view of the ever-increasing cases of corona virus, weekend curfew has started once again in Delhi from tonight.

This curfew will be applicable from 10 am on Friday night to 5 am on Monday. During this time people will not be allowed to go out without reason. Many restrictions have been imposed under this. Along with this, some people related to essential work have also been given concession to move out.

The Delhi government has given permission to some people involved in the supply of essential goods and services during the weekend curfew to come out after showing their valid identity card, but those who have come for any emergency work in these two days, they will be called DM of Delhi. E-passes will be issued from the office, only then they will be allowed to step out of the house. For this, you have to apply on the website of Delhi Government

List of exempted people during weekend curfew in Delhi:-

1. Officers and employees involved in essential and emergency services will be exempted from weekend and night curfew on showing their valid ID during the curfew.

2. Officers of the Government of India, its subordinate offices and PSUs will also be able to travel on showing their ID cards.

3. Staff members of Supreme Court, High Court and all courts of Delhi as well as lawyers will be able to leave by showing their valid ID or permission letter issued by the court administration.

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4. Officers and employees serving in the offices of diplomats of other countries in Delhi will also be exempted.

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5. All health workers such as doctors, nursing staff, paramedics and staff associated with other hospital services such as diagnostic centres, labs, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical oxygen suppliers will be allowed to leave on showing ID cards.

6. On the basis of valid identity card and doctor’s prescription, attendees as well as pregnant women and other patients will be allowed to attend health services.

7. Those going for COVID-19 test or vaccination will also be allowed to exit on presenting ID card.

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8. Passengers arriving or departing from airports, railway stations, inter-state bus terminus are allowed to travel on production of tickets.

9. Media personnel of electronic and print media will be allowed to move on production of valid ID cards.

10. Students will be allowed to appear in the examination and travel to the staff deployed for examination duty.

11. On production of soft or hard copy of the marriage card, 20 persons will be allowed to move for the marriage ceremony.

E-PASS will have to be issued to them

Apart from this, e-pass will be issued for private workers providing services like electrician, carpenter, water supply.

Newspaper hawkers, IT service and bank employees will also have to take permission from the DM office for curfew days.

Suppliers of fruits and vegetables, milk, medicines and medical equipment will also have to get e-pass issued from the concerned DM office.

At the same time, no concession has been given on weekends for the people working in the houses (cook, gardener, safaiwala etc.). The Health Minister of Delhi has made it clear that during the weekend curfew, people can manage even without workmen for two days.

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