Delhi Weekend Curfew: Curfew from 10 o’clock tonight, what will you be able to do? Know the answers to 10 questions – coronavirus ommicron delhi weekend curfew guidelines in hindi ntc

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  • Curfew will be applicable from 10 o’clock tonight
  • Can’t leave home without reason

Delhi Weekend Curfew Guidelines: The speed of Corona in the capital Delhi is becoming unbridled. Cases have started increasing rapidly due to the new Omicron variant. On Thursday, 15,097 new cases of corona came in the capital. The positivity rate also increased to beyond 15 percent. Meanwhile, the weekend curfew is going to be implemented from today. This curfew will start from 10 pm and will remain till 5 am on Monday. During this time people will not be allowed to leave the house without any reason.

1. If there was Night Curfew then why Weekend Curfew?

Night curfew is already in force in Delhi from 10 pm to 5 am. But night curfew is not showing much effect. The infection is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it was decided to impose a weekend curfew.

2. What will happen during the weekend curfew?

During the weekend curfew, people will not be allowed to leave their homes without reason. Only people connected with essential services will be able to move. Apart from this, if there is a medical emergency or there is any other emergency, then you can exit with a valid ID card.

3. If there is a train-bus-flight, can you leave?

If your train, bus or flight is at any time during the weekend curfew, then you can go to the railway station, bus stand or airport. You just need to have a ticket for this. There will be no restriction on passengers going to other states.

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4. If you live in NCR, can you go to Delhi?

Weekend curfew has been imposed in Delhi, so its effect will be visible in the areas adjacent to the capital. Even if you live in NCR, restrictions will apply if you go to Delhi. If you live in NCR then you cannot go to Delhi without any reason. Yes, if you are connected to essential service or there is a valid reason then you can go. But for this you must have the necessary documents and ID card.

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5. Who will be allowed to step out during the weekend curfew?

– All people associated with essential and emergency services will be allowed to step out of the house with a valid ID card. Central government officials will also be allowed to leave the house.

The judge and all the officers associated with the court, the staff attached to the court as well as the lawyer will have to show the card. People involved in the hearing of a case can also leave. For this, valid documents have to be shown.

– All doctors, nursing staff, paramedics staff will be allowed to move. Pharmacy operators, medical oxygen suppliers and people associated with other health services will be allowed to travel on showing ID.

6. Can I leave the house for the exam?

– Yes. If you have an exam then you can go out of the house. For this you need to have ID card and valid documents. Along with this, people involved in exam duty can also come and go.

7. Will the markets open or not?

During the weekend curfew, except the shops selling essential goods, all other shops will remain closed. From Monday to Friday, except the shops of essential goods, the rest of the shops will open from 10 am to 8 pm.

8. Will the Metro service continue or will it stop?

Metro service will be operational during weekend curfew. New guidelines have been issued by DDM regarding weekend curfew, so that the spread of corona virus can be stopped. During this period, Metro services will be available on Yellow Line (i.e. HUDA City Center to Samaypur Badli) and Blue Line (Dwarka Sector-21 to Noida Electronic City/Vaishali) at 15 minutes. Metro trains on other lines will be available for a duration of 20 minutes during the weekend curfew.

The 50% seating capacity that the government had earlier allowed for the metro has been removed. Now 100% seating capacity has been allowed again in the metro. However, one cannot travel standing up. According to officials, after the end of the weekend curfew, between Monday and Friday, metro services will be available as usual, as per the existing guidelines.

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9. What are the rules for attending marriage?

Only 20 people can attend weddings now. If you are leaving the house to attend a wedding, then the marriage card will have to be shown.

10. Will you be able to eat food while sitting in a hotel-restaurant?

During the weekend curfew, you cannot leave the house without reason. For the rest of the day, only 50 percent seating capacity is allowed in hotel-restaurants.

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