Delhi Weekend Curfew: Will metro run, auto taxis or not? Delhi Weekend Curfew related all details like will metro operate in weekend curfew ntc

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  • Night curfew is already in force in the capital Delhi
  • Now Weekend Curfew from Friday 10 am to Monday 5 pm
  • Number of active cases in Delhi crosses 39 thousand

Delhi Weekend Curfew: A 55-hour weekend curfew has started in the country’s capital Delhi at 10 pm. This curfew has been started with the aim of keeping the public safe from the third wave of Corona. Right now the weekend curfew will continue from 10 pm to 5 am on Monday. Many questions must be swirling in your mind regarding this curfew. For example, will the metro run on weekends? Will the bus run? Will hotels and restaurants open? Coming from airport-railway station-bus station on weekend curfew, will auto-taxi be available? Will you be able to go outside to see the doctor? We will also answer all these questions. Along with this, will also tell that what happens after the weekend curfew?

In Delhi, when the fear has increased that now a corona infected patient can infect more than 15 people. Then the weekend curfew has started from 10 pm on Friday night to 5 am on Monday for the rescue of the public in difficult times.

Till now night curfew is going on in Delhi, which lasts from 10 am to 5 am in the night. But now from Friday night to Monday morning, the police will investigate day and night whether someone is unnecessarily roaming in Delhi during the third wave of corona’s infectious period. Who can come, who can’t, who can go where, where not? See answer of all questions…

Q: What will happen during the weekend curfew?

A: Same thing happened last year also. That is, during this time people will not be allowed to roam outside the house unnecessarily. Only people connected with essential services will be able to come till Monday morning. In an emergency, you will be able to leave with a valid ID card. At the same time, essential service people are exempted, now they have an idea, because many times lockdown has been imposed, if there is an emergency, they can take curfew pass from DM office.

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Q: Can I leave for bus-train-flight during weekend curfew?

A: Yes, of course. Just for this you must have a copy of the ticket to show. It simply means that there will be a weekend curfew, but you are not banned to go to the bus station, railway station, airport.

Q: If you live in NCR, will you be able to go to Delhi on weekends?

A: If you are not connected to the essential service then you will not be able to go to Delhi unnecessarily. For this you must have the necessary documents or pass or identity card. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain says that the restrictions are necessary in view of the Omicron wave that has come in Delhi. After regretting it is necessary that schools, cinema halls should be closed and the number of people in weddings should be reduced.

Q: Will I be able to go out during weekend curfew if there is an exam going on?

A: Yes, you can go. For this it is necessary that you have an admit card or identity card. The staff who is conducting the exam can also go by showing the identity card.

Q: Will the markets open during the weekend curfew in Delhi?

A: Markets will remain closed. Only essential items like ration, medicine shops can open.

Q: Will Metro service continue during the weekend curfew in Delhi?

A: People will continue to get metro service during the weekend curfew.

Q: Will hotel-restaurants remain open or will they be closed during the weekend curfew in Delhi?

A: Hotel-restaurants will remain open, but there will be no facility to sit and eat. That is, you can only pack and take food.

It is to be known that the weekend curfew in Delhi will now continue till 5 am on Monday. Therefore, after remembering the answers to all these questions, you will leave the house. Otherwise Delhi Police will take legal action.

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17,335 new cases within 24 hours

In the country’s capital Delhi, 17,335 new cases of corona virus have been reported within 24 hours. The infection rate has now reached 17.73% in the state. On Friday, 9 deaths were also recorded due to this virus.

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