Election Dates 2022 Live Updates: Election dates announced today in 5 states including UP-Punjab, EC’s press conference at 3.30 pm

Election Commission Assembly Election 2022 Dates: Election dates have been announced in five states i.e. UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur on Saturday 8 January. With this, the biggest festival of democracy has begun in the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. Voting in these states will start from February 10 and the results will be out on March 10. Political temperature has also increased in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur. With the announcement of the election dates, the model code of conduct has come into force. We are aware of all the hustle and bustle of election dates. Janta Yojana But will tell. You stay with us.

8:35 PM (5 hours ago)

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Thanks to Punjab and Congress with folded hands for making them CM for 111 days – Channi

Posted by :- Parul Chandra

After the announcement of election dates in five states by the Election Commission, Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi said- ‘I welcome the instructions of the Election Commission. Till now we were just running the government, now we will start thinking about elections. With folded hands, I would like to thank the people of Punjab and Congress for considering me eligible to be the Chief Minister for 111 days.

8:27 PM (5 hours ago)

BJP will return to power with a thumping majority: JP Nadda

Posted by :- Parul Chandra

Bharatiya Janata Party President JP Nadda welcomed the announcement of election dates in five states by the Election Commission. He said- ‘I urge all BJP workers to participate in this great festival of democracy with full strength, following the Kovid and all other guidelines given by the Election Commission.’ He also said that the BJP will again get the blessings of the people in the coming elections. BJP will return to power with a thumping majority and will take the work of service and development to new heights.

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5:48 pm (8 hours ago)

Time has come to determine the future of Punjab: Captain Amarinder Singh

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has also welcomed the announcement of election dates. He said that the sooner it has come, the better. We are waiting for the day when we will determine the future of Punjab. The Captain said that he appeals that people should participate in this festival of democracy with full enthusiasm but also follow the Kovid protocol.

5:44 PM (8 hours ago)

Election Commission’s attitude towards hate speeches is hopeless: Tariq Anwar

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Congress leader Tariq Anwar has said that he welcomes the election dates. Hopefully the rules and regulations will be visible on the ground. In view of Corona, full precaution will be taken. It was necessary that the Election Commission imposed restrictions. He said that the attitude of the Election Commission regarding hate speeches has been hopeless.

5:12 pm (8 hours ago)

UP: When is voting at your booth

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Polling is being held in 7 phases in 403 seats of UP. Voting will start from February 10 and will continue till March 7. The results will come on March 10. Know when is the vote in your district?

Read full news: UP elections: Voting in seven phases, know when is voting in your district

5:01 PM (8 hours ago)

SP bid – Akhilesh is coming

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Samajwadi Party has welcomed the announcement of election dates by the Election Commission. Akhilesh has said that the instructions of the Election Commission will be followed. At the same time, the Samajwadi Party has said that no decision was taken for the interest of the farmers, so the BJP is sure to be clean on March 10. After the 10th, the resolution taken by the SP, the people here will not get any bill for 300 units of electricity, the bill will be zero.

4:57 PM (8 hours ago)

Will form government with huge majority – CM Yogi

Posted by :- Panna Lal

UP CM Yogi Adityanath has welcomed the announcement of election dates in Uttar Pradesh. CM Yogi has tweeted and said that in the great festival of democracy, welcome to the announcement of the dates of the state elections. Based on the achievements of the double engine government, the Bharatiya Janata Party will be able to form a government with a thumping majority with the blessings of Janata Janardan.

4:21 PM (9 hours ago)

Voting in Manipur on February 27 and March 3, counting on March 10

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Manipur will go to the polls in the first phase on February 27 and the second phase on March 3.

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Read full news: Manipur elections announced, voting from February 27, voting will be held in 2 phases

4:19 pm (9 hours ago)

Voting in Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand on February 14, counting on March 10

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Elections will be held in one phase in Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand. On February 14, polling will be held in Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand. Counting of votes will take place on March 10.

Read full news: Voting in Punjab on February 14, results will come on March 10

Votes will be cast in Uttarakhand on February 14, results will come on March 10

4:09 PM (9 hours ago)

Voting in UP from February 10, counting of votes on March 10

Posted by :- Panna Lal

The first phase of polling in UP will be held on February 10.

2nd phase – 14th February

Third phase- 20 February

Fourth phase- 23 February

Read full news: UP elections announced, voting will be held from February 10, voting will be done in 7 phases

Fifth phase- 27 February

6th page – 3rd March

Seventh phase- 7 March

Counting of votes – March 10

4:08 PM (9 hours ago)

Ban on victory procession: CEC

Posted by :- Panna Lal

The Election Commission has said that campaigning should be done through digital, virtual, mobile. Minimize the use of traditional means of physical promotion. Apart from this, from eight o’clock in the night to eight in the morning, no publicity, public relations political parties will be able to do. Victory procession will not be taken out. The victorious candidates will go to collect the certificate with two people. Parties will be allowed to hold meetings only at designated places. All parties and candidates will have to give an undertaking that they will strictly follow the Kovid guide line.

4:03 PM (9 hours ago)

Roadshow, rally, pad yatra banned till 15

Posted by :- Panna Lal

From today till January 15, the Election Commission has completely banned road shows, rally, cycle rally till pad yatra. It will be considered after January 15.

4:01 PM (9 hours ago)

Voting time extended by one hour

Posted by :- Panna Lal

In an important announcement, the Election Commission has said that the time for voting has been extended by one hour. This has been done because of Corona. The timing of the election will be announced at the time of issuance of notification.

3:59 pm (9 hours ago)

The goal of the commission is to vote 90 percent

Posted by :- Panna Lal

CEC Sushil Chandra has said that the Model Code of Conduct has come into force. According to the Election Commission, Voter Guide will also be available to those who cast their vote for the first time. The commission will also give a letter to him personally. This will be increased through sweep activities on booths with low voting percentage. The Election Commission has said that 60 to 70 percent is not satisfactory. The goal of the commission is to do more than 90 percent.

3:56 pm (9 hours ago)

How to complain about violation of model code of conduct

Posted by :- Panna Lal

This time the election expenditure has been increased. According to the status of the states, the MLA candidate can spend from 28 lakh to 40 lakh rupees in the election. Many agencies and institutions, including Income Tax, DRI, Railways have been alerted to keep a close watch on those carrying narcotics, liquor, black money or other things to be distributed in the hands. The Election Commission has created the Suvidha App. Through this, political parties can directly contact the commission. C vigil app is designed for public participation. Public can download it and upload video, audio or evidence of any violation of MCC. Action will be taken with the confidentiality of the name and address of the complainant.

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3:53 pm (10 hours ago)

Election Commission team will go to the house of Kovid positive, will come after getting votes

Posted by :- Panna Lal

Male and female security personnel will be deployed at all booths. Special arrangements will be made for the differently-abled at every booth. Volunteers will help. Wheel chair will also be there at every booth. The VDO team along with the VDO team will come to the house of the Kovid affected or Kovid suspect in a special van to get the votes cast. They will get the right to vote through ballot paper.

For candidates with criminal background, the information will have to be made public three times on the home page of newspaper TV and media and website at different stages. Let the public know how their candidates are?

There will be videography throughout the day at sensitive booths. Live webcast will be done at more than one lakh booths in the five states. Observers will also be deployed in greater numbers.

3:50 pm (10 hours ago)

Postal Battle Facility to 80+ Elderly and Kovid Affected

Posted by :- Panna Lal

This time one booth has been made for 1250 voters. There has been an increase of 16 per cent booths as compared to the last election. Women polling personnel will manage 1620 booths. 900 observers will keep an eye on the election. Apart from government employees, the Election Commission has made arrangements for postal ballots for citizens above 80 years of age, differently-abled and Kovid affected people.

3:42 pm (10 hours ago)

18.34 crore voters in 5 states

Posted by :- Panna Lal

CEC Sushil Chandra said that this time there are a total of 18.34 crore voters in the elections of five states, including service voters. Of these, 8.55 crore are women voters. A total of 24.9 lakh voters will cast their vote for the first time. Of these, 11.4 lakh girls have become first-time voters. All the booths will be on the ground floor, so that people have convenience. Sanitizer, mask will be available at the booth.

3:38 pm (10 hours ago)

Priority to conduct Kovid safe elections – CEC

Posted by :- Panna Lal

CEC Sushil Chandra said that the Election Commission has worked on 3 goals. These goals are Covid safe elections, easy elections, and maximum voter participation.

3:35 pm (10 hours ago)

690 assembly elections

Posted by :- Panna Lal

CEC Sushil Chandra has said that this time elections will be held for 690 assembly constituencies of 5 states. He said that the purpose of the Election Commission is to conduct Kovid safe elections. The CEC said that conducting elections in the Corona era is challenging.

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