Top 5 Electric Bikes in India 2021| Latest Electric Bikes Price & Mileage

best electric bikes in india

Best Electric Bikes in India in 2021: Ever since the price of petrol in India has touched the sky, the demand for electric vehicles has increased a lot in India. In view of the increasing demand for electric bikes of Indian people, many companies in India are launching newer electric bikes with great looks and features.

In today’s entire article, we will tell you which is the best electric bike in India, what is an electric bike, how many benefits are we going to get from it and we will also know about some of the disadvantages of electric bikes. We are also going to list out the best 5 electric bikes sold in India, which are in the hearts of people with their good performance in today’s time.

best electric bikes in india

We will provide the complete details about electric bikes in this article. If you also want to buy your first electric bike, then stay connected with this article, the price of these bikes is as much as petrol bikes, some bikes will cost less and some more so let’s know!

Best Electric Bikes in India – Top 5 Electric Bikes

Although big companies like Honda, Bajaj, Yo Bike in India have already launched their electric scooters in India and are running on the road, nowadays people who are fond of riding bikes with designs like superbikes. People are looking for electric bikes, so let’s know about the 5 most popular and selling electric bikes, whose look will not disappoint you at all and will attract you more.

Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400: This is the first electric bike that came officially in India which has created a buzz as soon as it comes in the market. This bike is considered a very successful bike in the Indian market. Talk about the ex-showroom price of Revolt RV400, the price of this electric bike is approximately Rs 90,799.

 electric bikes in india 2021 price list

The same motor comes with 3000W power. While its battery comes with a 72V 3.24kWh Lithium-Ion battery, it’s such a powerful battery gets fully charged in about 4.5 hours. And once it is fully charged, you can easily drive this bike for 150 kilometers, its top speed is 85 kilometers per hour.

Revolt RV300

Revolt RV300: In this electric bike, we get to see a little lesser features and less speed than Revolt RV400. Talk about the price of this bike, then the ex-showroom price of Revolt RV300 is Rs 94,999.

electric scooter price in india

The battery of Revolt RV300 comes with a 2.7kW Lithium-Ion battery, its battery gets fully charged in about 5 hours and after a single charge, this bike can easily go up to 180 kilometers and its top speed is 65 KMPH.

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Ultraviolette F77

After two bikes of the Revolt company, the next number comes Ultraviolette F77, which we get to see from Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd. Ultraviolette F77’s ex-showroom price of this electric bike has been kept at Rs 3,00,000.

upcoming electric bikes in india

This bike looks like a sportbike in a way, the motor power of Ultraviolet F77 is 25000w and its engine can give power of 33.9 bhp and you can run it once fully charged at 150 km while its top speed of 140 kilometers per hour has been set.

Joy E-Bike Monster

If you want to buy an electric bike then you can try buying the Joy E-Bike E-Monster. E-Monster Electric Bike This Joy E-Bike is the latest and stylish electric bike coming from the company.

 best electric bike in india

Talk about the price of this bike, its ex-showroom price is Rs 1,01,055. This bike is inspired by the DucatiMonster bike and then in this bike, you will get a 1500w power motor and you will get 100 km on it once full charge This bike can be driven till its top speed is 25 kmph.

Odysse Evoqis

One of the best electric bikes available in India, the Odysse Evoqis is also a good option as its ex-showroom price is Rs 1,57,000 and its battery comes with 4.32 kwh.

top electric bikes in india

This electric bike looks like Yamaha’s R1. At a glance, it becomes difficult to tell whether this bike is a petrol bike or an electric bike. You can drive it up to 140 km after a full charge once, the top speed of the bike is 80 km per hour.

Upcoming Electric Bikes in India

In the coming times, a big motorcycle company like Bajaj is also thinking of bringing its electric bike, in which you will get Bluetooth connectivity as well as smartphone connectivity.

Although we keep hearing the news of electric vehicles coming in India continuously but have you noticed that only cars and scooters are heard in the list of electric vehicles. There is enthusiasm among people to buy electric motorcycles. But most of the companies have not yet been able to launch more products in the field of electric motorcycles.

Well, there are some such top companies who are thinking of launching some electric bikes in the coming time. By the way, if you want to buy an electric bike at the present time, then you can buy one of those five bikes, whose looks are very good and their price is also not much.

Why is Building an Electric Bike so Challenging?

Making an electric bike is such a big challenge because whenever we make a car or auto electric vehicle, we get a big space to keep the battery and we do not have to compress the battery. On the other hand, when it comes to making a bike, we can give a powerful motor engine, but to run that engine, only a powerful battery is needed.

As well as many more parts and accessories are required to make the whole bike completely. But the challenge is that all these parts have to be installed in a small bike. So the cost of making an electric bike is a bit high and it is also a bit challenging.

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Advantages of Electric Bike

The following are the advantages of having an electric bike.

Less Pollution

Although the electric vehicle produces very little pollution as compared to other vehicles, there is pollution but still, a vehicle is not completely free because the seats used in the electric vehicle and electricity are also required to charge them.

We all know that electricity is generated from hydropower. Although electricity is also generated from the water force, at present most of the electricity is generated by burning coal.

No Fuel Required

One big advantage of using electric vehicles will be that you can get rid of the rising petrol and diesel prices day by day. You just have to charge your vehicle and need not fill petrol or diesel again and again while going on a drive. You will not have to pay a little money according to the amount of unit electricity that will be charged for your reason. By the way, you can charge your bike even at home.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Compared to other fuel vehicles, the maintenance and maintenance cost of an electric bike is very less. It does not require servicing every time and you can charge it even at home. Yes, just this will definitely increase your electricity bill a little.

Low Noise Pollution

If you take an electric vehicle, then you will hear much less noise in electric vehicles than other fuel vehicles because the electric vehicle does not vibrate much like fuel vehicles. Due to this the ride of the electric vehicle is also very smooth and in a way gives a royal feel.

Although you do not get to hear many sounds in all the fuel vehicles that are coming today, still the noise in the bike increases with normal there time.

Disadvantages of Electric Bike

The following are the disadvantages of having an electric bike.

Lack of Charging Stations

The biggest advantage of electric vehicles is that no fuel of any kind has to be put in it, just you can charge it and run it, but here the biggest problem comes when we have to charge our electric bike.

As you know that India is not yet capable to run electric vehicles, so the charging station in India is just like the name, as in countries like America you will see electric charging stations at every point but in India, it is the feature is not fully available yet.


Usually electric bike or vehicle, it is a bit expensive than diesel or petrol vehicles and we have the option of buying another fuel-powered vehicle for the same price. Although nowadays, as many electric bikes or cars are launched in India, we get to see all that happening at an upward price of one lakh.

As I mentioned, electric vehicles are still very less powerful than diesel and petrol vehicles, in that the motor which is currently being used, their cost is also very high, so people who choose powerful vehicles do not see any good option for electric vehicles to be headed to.

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Less Motor Power

As I mentioned, electric vehicles are still very less powerful than diesel and petrol vehicles. The ordinary electric bike which is currently being used, its motor cost is very high. So people who choose powerful vehicles do not see any good option in electric bikes to move towards these vehicles.

What are the Perfect Conditions to Drive Electric Bike in India?

Taking an electric bike or an electric vehicle in India can be easy only as long as the way petrol pumps are installed in every part of India if the charging station is also installed in the same way and the time of charging the vehicle is greatly reduced. It should be made fast, that is, the vehicle should be fully charged within a few minutes, only then we can drive electric bikes or electric vehicles very comfortably.

You will not be able to cover much distance with electric vehicles until more powerful batteries are invented and fast charging is also not made. Also today we do not get to see the found facility of electric vehicles like a service station, good mechanics, parts of the electric vehicles, and many more.


Which is the highest average electric bike?
Okinawa Praise, a scooter made by a Japanese company gives 170 to 200 km on a full charge with a top speed of 75 km per hour. Avan Trend E is another electric scooter that gives an average of 110 km. 
How much will a simple electric scooter cost?
Ather 450X Electric Scooter is becoming very popular in our India so far and its cost is around Rs 1.30 lakh to Rs 1.32 lakh
Which companies manufacture electric bikes in India?
List of companies that will make electric bikes in India are:

  • Okinawa PraisePro
  • Hero Electric Atria.
  • Ola S1
  • Revolt RV400
  • Ather 450x
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • Simple Energy One
  • TVS iQube Electric
  • Komaki XGT KM
  • Benling India Falcon
How much range can I get in an electric motorcycle on a single charge?
The on-road range of most of the electric scooters or bikes launched in India will be between 75 km to 90 km. But, there are also some electric motorcycles with a huge battery which can give you a range of 100 to 110 km on a single charging.


I hope that you have come to know about all the important things related to electric bikes and electric vehicles and have understood well that which is the best electric bike in India. We have given the list of the top 5 electric bikes in this article and also explained the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles.

Do share the article with your friends and family so that they can also know the important things related to an electric bike. If you like this post, then keep visiting our website Janta Yojana for more useful guides and updates.

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