Everyone’s troubled problem is not getting resolved due to power off, they are not looking for a solution

Publish Date: | Sat, 14 May 2022 10:20 AM (IST)

Bilaspur. Electricity shutdown has become a big problem in the city. At any point of time the supply stops and then comes back on its own. People are not able to understand what is the root cause of the problem. According to the way the power is being turned off, it can be assumed that the company also does not have a concrete solution for this. Due to the heat, people cannot live even a minute without coolers, ACs and fans. Knowing this, no preparations were made by the company earlier. Because of this, the blind eye continues. From Friday morning till evening, power went off in most of the localities and would come back again. Telipara, Sarkanda, Mangla, Deendayal Colony, Nehru Nagar, Shanti Nagar, Gol Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Tilak Nagar are not any such locality, where people have not been disturbed due to this problem since morning.

The best part is that it wasn’t a day problem. The power situation is like this for almost a month. It is clear from this that the power company fulfills only the formality in the name of repair. In reality there is no repair. It cannot be denied that even if repairs are done, they do not use good quality equipment. This can also be one of the reasons behind frequent supply failures.

Supply stopped due to darkness in the evening

In the evening, suddenly the mood of the weather deteriorated and it started getting dark. Due to this, the supply was stalled in Mopka area for about one and a half hours. At the same time, electricity remained closed in all those areas, where problems often arise. This time too no special preparation company is visible regarding monsoon. For example, this time the problem of electricity is going to increase instead of decreasing in the rainy season.

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Huge outrage in Yadundannagar Colony

Yadunandan Nagar Colony These days the condition of the people living there is miserable due to the blinding of electricity. Drinking water supply is also facing problem due to power cut. The residents of the colony say that the government has issued a helpline number to solve the problem of power cut. But they do not receive calls. Similar is the statement of the people of ward number 6, who often express their concern about the poor attitude of the employees of Tifra Electricity Department. They say that if the situation does not improve, then the residents of the colony can take to the streets and protest against the power company any day. They say that due to non-issuance of power supply in the new transformers installed in different areas of ward number six, the power supply is getting disrupted in the said place.

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