Exclusive: Not only reporting, she also gives direction, this little reporter from Kashmir, mother told the whole story

Story Highlights

  • Girl’s video is going viral on social media
  • In the video, the girl is telling about the condition of the road

People are very fond of the 5-year-old girl who became a social media star by reporting a bad road in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir. Like a news reporter, this girl has told the audience about a bad road in her area. In the viral video, she is saying that the condition of the road is so bad that even the guests are unable to come.

The innocence of the girl and her reporting style has won the hearts of social media. After the girl’s video went viral, India Today had a special conversation with the girl’s mother.

The girl’s name is Hafeeza. The girl’s mother Shaista Hilal told in an exclusive conversation with India Today that Hafiza told her during reporting how to hold the mobile camera, how to shoot the video. He said that Hafiza is not only good reporting but also a good director.

What was special about the girl’s video?
The beginning of the video going viral on social media salutes all the viewers. After this she says that you can see how dirty this road is. After this, the girl’s voice becomes slightly chubby and says that let’s show you further. Here the soil has been kept. The whole road has become dirty due to rain and snowfall. Then she tells her camera person (mother) pointing towards the water filled on the road that camera here.

In the video, the girl can be seen working exactly like a professional reporter. After this, the girl explains the condition of the road in detail, then shows potholes while walking and also says that people have thrown garbage on the road. It is such a dirty road that even the guests cannot come from here.

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