How To Create Fake WhatsApp Chat To Prank Your Friends

How To create Fake WhatsApp Chat

How to create fake WhatsApp Chat to prank your friends? We all keep doing pranks (jokes) with our friends at some point in time. Sometimes it happens that they pull our leg and sometimes we do the same to them. If we do not have fun with friends, then what is the matter of friendship. But sometimes some friends also do April fool-type Prank with each other.

One such prank today I will tell you about is fake WhatsApp chats. In this internet world, we do not meet friends every day because we do all the things on the internet (WhatsApp, Facebook) and that is why now we do jokes and fun with friends online. There are many such apps on the Internet, using which you can have fun with your friends and I am going to tell you about such fun.

How To create Fake WhatsApp Chat

If you show your WhatsApp chat from Amitabh Bachchan, Mark Zuckerberg, Indian – American PM, Salman Khan, or any other famous personality on your WhatsApp to your friends, then imagine how much fun it will be. Here I am going to tell you such an app using which you can create a Fake WhatsApp Chat.

How To Create Fake WhatsApp Chat?

Let’s know which app we are going to use and how we are going to prank your friends using fake chats. Get the step-by-step guide below and have fun teasing your friends.

What is Yazzy Fake Conversations App?

You can call this app the fake master of the internet world, which means you can call it Facebook messenger fake chat, Facebook post with fake comments and likes, Twitter fake tweets, WhatsApp fake chat, Instagram Post, Fake Google Searches, Fake WhatsApp Group Chat, Fake Google Translate, etc.

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So what are you waiting for? Download it now from the play store and chat with your favorite celebrity or any aliens and show it to your friends.

Create Fake WhatsApp Chat With Yazzy

  • First of all, go to the Play Store and install the Yazzy Fake Conversations app.

How To Make Fake WhatsApp Chat

  • Now when you open the app, you will see the icons of all social apps and websites. Click on the one for which you want to create a fake post or fake chat.

fake whatsapp chat android

  • I have selected WhatsApp. Now you will see the image given below. Now how can you create a fake WhatsApp chat? I have told this below with the image.

fake whatsapp group chat generator

    • Profile Picture (DP) – If you can tap (touch) here and put DP of that person (celebrity or friends) with whom you want to create a fake chat.
    • Name – By tapping here, you can type the name of that person and his online or last seen status.
    • Add- you come to some option noticeable when you tap here.
    • Received Message – By tapping on it, whatever messages you type, will be from the side of the receiver (celebrity or friends).
    • Send Message – By tapping on it, whatever messages you type will be sent from your side.
    • Yazzy Logo – This is the logo of the app, if you want to remove it, then you can remove it by tapping on it.
  • Save Chat – Finally, you can save your chat by tapping on it. This image will be saved as if you take a screenshot of something.

Apps To Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations

Here are some of the other apps for Android that you can use to create fake convos on WhatsApp.


If you just want to make a Fake WhatsApp Chat then this app is best. Its user interface is very easy. With this, you can create a fake WhatsApp chat with anyone by creating only one contact at a time.

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Yazzy Simulator

In this app like Yazzy (Fake Conversations) app, you can create WhatsApp Fake Chat, Instagram Fake Post, Facebook Fake Post, etc. In this, you can create more than one contact in WhatsApp.

This makes it different from Yazzy (Fake Conversations) app i.e. you can create a complete list of your favorite celebrities in this app and then create a ruckus among your friends by doing fake WhatsApp chats with all of them and showing that chat to your friends.

Primo App

If you want to prank your friends then this can also be a very right way for you, to make Fake WhatsApp you need to download Primo App.

By downloading it, you can take the wrong number of any country from it, after that you can make your WhatsApp from it and talk to your friends.

Note: Use this app only for fun, not to harm anyone. Keep the limit of fun because you will be responsible for that. If you use this app wrongly (against the law) then the app developer and Janta Yojana’s author will not be responsible for that.


I hope you got the best apps in this guide to prank your friends using fake WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps. If you want to create a fake WhatsApp personal chat or group chat, then you can use the Android apps mentioned here. If you have any questions or doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comments below. For more related posts, keep visiting Janta Yojana.

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