Fish farming is being done with Bio Clock Culture System – Rajnandgaon News: Fish farming is being done with Bio Clock Culture System

Publish Date: | Sun, 15 May 2022 01:54 AM (IST)

Rajnandgaon. The fate of the women of the group in rural areas is changing with the government’s Suraji Gaon Yojana. Innovative fish farming is being done under Bio-Clock Culture System in 14 Gothans of Chhuria Block. This method of fishing, invented in Indonesia, is also a matter of curiosity and curiosity for the women of Gothan’s group. The women of the group are learning the method of fish farming with special interest from Bio Clock Culture System.

Fishing is being done by doing new experiments in village Pendridih, Bortalab, Patekohra, Maharajpur, Halekosa, Boirdih, Masul, Manikpur, Chando, Khursitkul, Mahroom, Kaldbari, Kampa, Jondhra of Chhuria block. Under this, fish farming is being done in 15 thousand liters capacity tanks instead of ponds in Gauthans. In which techniques are used to reduce space, water and fodder for fisheries. Fish crop of Tilapia and Komalkar is being taken in Gothans. This crop will be ready in six months and the women of the group will get benefit from it. Four to five quintals of fish can be produced from a single tank.

Realizing the dream of self-reliance:

Efforts to develop Gothans as multi-activity centers and make them village industries seem to be successful in the district. With this the dream of women’s self-reliance is also being realized. All kinds of economic activities are being conducted in Gothans. Due to this group women are becoming self-reliant.

Pro-biotic fodder being given:

On the initiative of Collector Taran Prakash Sinha, innovations are being made to increase the income of the women of the group in rural areas. District CEO Chhuria Prateek Pradhan informed that fisheries are being done in 14 Gothans in Chhuria development block. The women of the group have shown a special interest in this.

They are being trained for this.

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Fisheries Inspector Sandeep Sahu said that under the Bio Clock Culture System, the quality of water is tested every third day. Under this, an oxygen machine is installed in the tank and they are given pro-biotic fodder.

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