Former Professor Raghuvendra Tanwar appointed as the new Chairman of ICHR. Former Professor Raghuvendra Tanwar appointed as new chairman of ICHR

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Former Kurukshetra University professor Raghuvendra Tanwar has been appointed as the chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR). Tanwar, who joined Kurukshetra University as a lecturer in August 1977, has an MA in History, and is a Gold Medalist.

The primary objective of the Indian Council of Historical Research is to promote and direct historical research and to encourage and promote the aims and scientific writing of history. Raising the academic standard of output of ICHR activities has been the foremost objective on its agenda.

He was appointed Open Selection Professor in 1997 and has also served as the University’s Dean Academic Affairs and Dean Social Sciences. He retired in February 2015 and was appointed director of Haryana Academy of History and Culture in July 2016.

Tanwar was awarded the prestigious UGC National Fellowship (Research Award) 2002-2005. He conducted a major research project on Jammu and Kashmir in 2013-15 for the period 1947-53. Tanwar is reputed for his study of the Partition of India especially Punjab. The work, based on sources in India and Britain, daily reporting what happened in 1947, is widely acclaimed.

His research and publications on Jammu and Kashmir in particular questioned the dominant narratives by Western scholars, argued and established how the people of Kashmir were clearly in support of the state’s merger with the Union of India in 1947. Tanwar’s most recent study is An Illustrated Story of the Partition of India, published in English and Hindi by the Publications Division, Government of India.


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