Four new judges will be appointed in Delhi High Court this week, President approves

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    On the recommendation of the Collegium, the Central Government had recommended that the number of vacant posts of judges will be reduced by half.

Four new judges are going to be appointed in the Delhi High Court. President Ram Nath Kovind has approved the appointment of four new judges in the Delhi High Court following the recommendation of the Central Government on the recommendation of the Supreme Court Collegium. A warrant has also been issued for the appointment of new judges. With the appointment of four new judges in the Delhi High Court, the number of judge vacancies has come down from 30 to 26.

As soon as the new judges are sworn in, the number of vacant posts in the Delhi High Court will be half as much as the sanctioned strength. According to the warrant issued by the judges, Neena Bansal, Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Anoop Kumar Mendiratta and Sudhir Kumar Jain are to be appointed as judges in the Delhi High Court by promotion from the lower court.

Chief Justice DN Patel will administer the oath of office to the four newly appointed judges. That is, these four judicial officers who have been your honor in the district courts will be addressed by My Lord and My Ladyship after taking oath. Significantly, the Supreme Court Collegium had recommended these four names along with two other names a month ago i.e. in the first week of February.

The government gave green signal to four names but two names got stuck. Protests by the Bar Association and lawyers are also going on in the lower courts against this. However, in October last year, Justice Yashwant Verma and Justice Chandradhari Singh were appointed as judges of the Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court currently has an executive power of 60 judges. Of these, only 30 judges are in service, that is, there is a shortfall of 30. With the new appointments, the vacancies will come down from 30 to 26.

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