From Hijab to Halal, there was constant political upheaval in Karnataka. Political upheaval in Karnataka from Hijab to Halal

Digital Desk, Bangalore. Due to the assembly elections in Karnataka next year, the political stir has started intensifying. While development is usually a part of speech in electoral politics, the focus has recently been on the growing religious divide in Karnataka. From hijab to halal and revision of text books, the state has seen continuous political upheaval over the past few months.

The move is being seen as a well-thought-out strategy by the BJP to retain power here, but for party supporters, Hindutva is synonymous with nationalism. MP Renukacharya BJP MLA from Honali in Davangere district says that those who oppose BJP including litterateurs should understand that they are living in a Hindu country. This is not Pakistan. Hindus are not given so much freedom in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Everyone is respected here.

For the ruling BJP, the stakes are particularly high. To begin with, Karnataka is the only state in the south where the BJP has a strong presence. Second, as a major economic player due to the presence of IT companies and startups, retaining power in Karnataka will boost the BJP’s stature in the corporate sector and internationally as well. On the other hand the opposition Congress party is making every effort to grab Karnataka again. The state was a Congress stronghold till a few decades ago. Initially, it was the Janata Parivar that broke the Congress hold on Karnataka.

But from the mid-90s, the BJP slowly gained its footing in the state and today stands as a major political party in the state. In recent times, elections in Karnataka have turned into a triangular contest between the BJP, the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) led by former prime minister H D Deve Gowda.

Observers note that growing communal flaws are largely responsible for the BJP’s rising fortunes in Karnataka. He pointed to the recent spurt in activities by Hindu groups, which are generally supported silently or openly by Karnataka’s ruling party. However, opponents of BJP feel that the Hindutva card is just a diversion.

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Karnataka Congress social justice cell president CS Dwarkanath said, “People know that Hindutva is an illusion. Tactics like nomination of tribal candidate for presidential election will not work. Backward, Dalit and Adivasi are asking what is BJP’s program for them.

Unfortunately for the Congress, a weak central command and multiple power centers in Karnataka have made its task of securing power so difficult. Knowing that it cannot counter the BJP’s aggressive brand of Hindutva with its soft Hindutva, the Congress is trying to lure back minority vote banks. But it has been a difficult task so far.

With the BJP standing as the single largest party in the Karnataka Assembly, it is clear that the BJP has benefited from its aggressive stand. However, she knows that she cannot rely solely on religious identity to win elections. Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, has always been in international focus, the BJP cannot afford to campaign too negatively with rising communal tensions.

Karnataka is becoming in many ways the Gujarat of the BJP in the South. Party insiders believe that by combining the political and development agenda in Gujarat over the past few decades, the BJP may continue to rule Karnataka and use it as a base to spread south over the next few years. . Political observers believe that in the coming days and months, the ruling BJP will resort to a twin strategy of rapid development and Hindutva.

Source- IANS

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