Gang was selling stolen bikes on OLX, if caught Meerut link was revealed – up gaziabad police arrested 2 in selling of theft motorcycle on olx website ntc

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  • If you went to get Scooty service, then the pole was open
  • Stupid used to make customer on asking for RC

Kaushambi police station of Sahibabad in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh has arrested two accused. The police have recovered 21 stolen motorcycles from the possession of these people. The arrested people are alleged to have sold the stolen motorcycles on OLX’s online site.

21 stolen motorcycles recovered

The market of cheap things on online sites is going on indiscriminately and is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, common people buy cheap things from the online site after seeing the things they want. But the online site has also been noticed by the thieves. Badmash and thieves have also started trying their hand in the online market and have started selling stolen goods by putting them on well-known sites. They made many people their victims, but their black business did not last long. Some people complained to the police after becoming their victim and the police, taking action, arrested two accused, from whose possession 21 stolen motorcycles have been recovered by the police.

If you went to get Scooty service, then the pole was open

When a scooty driver living in Delhi reached the agency to get his scooty serviced, the agency told that the fourth service of the scooty has been done, on which the victim protested, then the agency took out the information online. It was found that the fourth service of Scooty had been done and the fifth was due. After this, when the victim got more information, he came to know that another scooty of his number is running on the roads. After the accused were caught, a scooty was also recovered which was saved by the thieves by making a second number plate on the number of the victim’s scooty.

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Stupid used to make customer on asking for RC

Giving information, the police said that we were getting complaints continuously. The police handed over the investigation of the matter to the Cyber ​​Cell. The cyber cell, while investigating, has arrested two accused, who used to advertise the stolen bikes from Meerut by putting fake number plates on the online OLX site and when a customer wanted to buy that bike, he got this accused cheap. Used to sell bikes for the price and used to take ₹ 5000 less from the customer in the name of RC paper, on asking for RC, he used to tell the customer when we give you the paper, then we will take the remaining ₹ 5000 from you. Police said that they have two more accused accomplices, who are still absconding from the police’s grip. In which an RTO broker is also said to be involved.

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