Genelia D’Souza wore a 10k colorful outfit, see her retro look pics tmov

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  • Seeing Genelia remembers Ranveer Singh
  • Genelia in quirky clothes
  • You can buy Genelia’s outfit!

Ranveer Singh’s spirit seems to have arrived on actress Genelia D’Souza. Chill out. We haven’t written anything wrong. After seeing Genelia’s look, you are going to say the same thing. Genelia, who is always looking simple and cute, is in discussion about her latest photoshoot. Some time ago, Genelia has posted some pictures in different clothes, which have been shared a lot on social media.

Genelia turns female Ranveer Singh
Things are enough, now see the pictures of Genelia’s latest photoshoot. In the photos, she is seen wearing Atrangi i.e. multi color jumpsuit. Till now, Genelia has always been seen in simple or traditional look. But this time he has tried something new with his look. That’s why looking at her it’s hard to believe that we’ve only seen Genelia.

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Along with the multi-colour jumpsuit, Genelia has also put on retro glasses, which are quite suiting her. While doing photoshoot, Genelia is seen in perfect attitude. Seeing him, Ranveer Singh does not remember him, it will not happen. Well, whatever it is. Genelia is looking amazing in these extrarangi clothes. Genelia’s fans are finding her revenge style quite cute.

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You can buy Genelia’s outfit from here
If you’re hooked on Genelia’s look, you can easily steal her look. You don’t have to work hard for this. Just go to the website of Advait India and buy it. Before buying, you will definitely keep 10 thousand rupees in the bank. That’s because the cost of this multi color outfit is Rs 10,000.

Now tell me, did you like Genelia’s look or not?

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