Ground report: Know how Delhi government is providing medicines and oximeters to patients in home isolation, Delhi government is providing medicines and oximeters to patients in home isolation ntc

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  • Delhi government has appointed surveillance officers in every district
  • A team of civil defense volunteers and an ASHA worker visits a corona patient’s house

The government’s concern has increased due to the non-stop speed of corona infection in the country’s capital. However, it is a matter of relief that the number of patients in hospitals is less than the number of patients treated in home isolation. In such a situation, apart from medicines and oximeters, the Delhi government is providing kits of essential items to the patients fighting the war with Corona inside the house.

In all the 11 districts of Delhi, the team of Health Department and Revenue Department together handle the home isolation management. In this, especially the medical staff, Anganwadi workers and civil defense volunteers play an important role.

The Aaj Tak team started its journey from a government dispensary in South Delhi’s Greater Kailash Vidhan Sabha to find out how medicines and kits reach the home of a corona patient. A special team posted at the government dispensary of Chirag Delhi, takes care of the patients undergoing home isolation in the surrounding areas from morning till evening and is also available over the phone in case of emergency.

A special team is stationed in the government dispensary.

In the pharmacy room of the dispensary, a kit is prepared for corona patients in home isolation. Dr Namita, in-charge of the dispensary, said that after getting the data of corona patients, medicines like paracetamol, vitamin C, multivitamins are kept in a kit. In addition, an oximeter and thermometer are also provided in the kit. The kit also contains the most important bleaching powder, which is used for spraying masks and other disposables after dissolving in water.

In the dispensary of the Delhi government, teachers are also helping to take care of the patients in home isolation. Teachers Akash and Mahendra in a government school have been on duty for the last one year by calling home isolation patients and asking them for their well being. A team of 5 teachers makes up to 500 calls daily in South Delhi. Akash said that medicines and oximeters are often demanded on calls. This demand is conveyed to the doctor and then the civil defense volunteers go home and hand over the goods to the care taker of the patient.

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Patients are asked over the phone

To help the teachers, a civil defense volunteer also collects all the information on the laptop. Civil Defense Volunteer Farhan said that from the day of being found corona positive, till discharge from home isolation, the patient is called and asked about his health and all the details related to the patient’s health are recorded in the laptop.

Delhi government has appointed surveillance officers in every district. South Delhi’s Surveillance Officer Dr Aradhana said that after being found corona infected, an undertaking form is signed by the patient treated in home isolation. It is written in it that the patients will follow all the protocols of Corona.

Help is being sent to the homes of corona patients

A team of civil defense volunteers and an ASHA worker goes to the corona patient’s house after a kit equipped with medicines and oximeters is ready in the dispensary. The team of ‘Aaj Tak’ along with this 2-member team participated in the process of going to the home of the patient undergoing treatment in home isolation and handing over the kit. Doctor Aradhana told that the team that delivers the medicines kit meets the member caring for the corona patient and during this the rules of home isolation are also explained.

Let us tell you that the Delhi government has deployed a separate team of 65 doctors only for tele-consultancy. This team of doctors works 24 hours in 4 shifts. Apart from telling the treatment to the patients undergoing treatment in home isolation, it also answers all the questions related to corona. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also announced to provide online yoga facility for corona patients with home isolation.

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