Gujarat: 93 AAP workers protesting in paper leak case got bail

Story Highlights

  • Bail to 93 AAP workers who protested in the paper leak case
  • Movement against BJP will continue, brainstorming on new strategy

In Gujarat, the clerk paper leak case has become a big one. For the last several days, the BJP government is being targeted continuously, serious allegations are being made. Similar allegations were also made by 93 Aam Aadmi Party workers. There was also a demonstration outside the BJP office. Because of this, all were in jail for 10 days but now they have come out on bail.

As soon as they come out of jail, all the leaders have talked about starting their movement again. It is being stressed that this performance will not be slowed down. Aam Aadmi Party’s state chief Gopal Italia has said that we are not afraid of going to jail. Neither are afraid now nor will ever be afraid in future. This movement of ours will now be more aggressive. It has also been said that this movement will not be ended without the resignation of Asit Vora, the President of Gujarat Gayatri Seva Samiti Mandal.

For information, let us tell you that all the AAP leaders have been given bail but they will not be able to enter Gandhinagar right now. On this, the AAP lawyer fighting the case in the court has said that at present this decision has been taken regarding the Vibrant Summit and in the coming days we will challenge this decision.

In such a situation, due to paper leak in Gujarat politics, a war has broken out between BJP vs Aam Aadmi Party. If allegations are being made from your side, then BJP is also not delaying in denying them.

By the way, Gopal Italia of Aam Aadmi Party has always been in controversies. He has also been accused of molestation. It is said that he misbehaved while intoxicated. But when the same question was asked to the leader, he immediately said that he does not even touch alcohol.

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