Gujarat: BJP returns to Hindutva politics before elections, Hijri year removed from annual calendar – gujarat muslim hijri saal missing from BJP yearly calendar ntc

Story Highlights

  • The party has been printing this calendar for 10 years.
  • Hijri year has been removed for the first time

With the Gujarat Assembly elections approaching, BJP is now seen returning to its old Hindutva agenda. In the annual calendar that BJP brings out for the last 10 years, this time Vikram Samvat of Hindus has been written, but the Hijri year of Muslims is missing from the calendar.

Both Hindu and Muslim years are written in the BJP calendar every year. This tradition continued till 2021, but the Hijri year has not been written anywhere in the calendar published by BJP this year. In this case, the BJP leader says that this calendar of BJP is used by 98 percent Hindus. This is the reason why the Hijri year of Muslim has been removed.

This calendar is printed every year

In this matter, BJP leader Mahesh Kaswala says that there has been a tradition of the party’s calendar. For the last 10 years, calendars are delivered door-to-door to BJP workers. It is prepared every year on the basis of the information of the President of the State. In which the smallest festivals of Hindus are included. Along with this, the birth anniversary of great men is also included.

Assembly elections may be held in December

Let us inform that the Election Commission has announced the dates for the assembly elections of 5 states. It is believed that after 5 states, elections to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly can be held at the end of this year. There are 182 seats in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. There is currently a BJP government, which is in power in the state since 1995.

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