Gunjan Pant reveals the secret of Bhojpuri industry

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  • Gunjan Pant’s pain came out
  • Opened the secret of Bhojpuri industry
  • Not Shocking, Disturbing Truth

Every industry has many dirty secrets. The only difference is that sometimes people bring out these secrets. Many times by keeping silent, they bury those secrets in themselves. There are some similar secrets of Bhojpuri cinema too. Well-known actress of Bhojpuri cinema, Gunjan Pant has said many things about Bhojpuri cinema. There is nothing to be surprised at what Gunjan Pant said about Bhojpuri cinema. Just yes, you will definitely be a little worried.

Actress opened the secret of Bhojpuri cinema
Gunjan Pant was born in Nainital, Uttarakhand. At the same time, his education was done from Nutan College, Bhopal. After completing her studies, Gunjan had to make her career in acting. That’s why he stepped towards Bhojpuri cinema and stepped into the world of cinema with the film ‘Karni Ke Phal Aaj Na Ta Kal’. After this, he worked in many films like Gunda, Kahar, and Yeh Ishq Bada Bedardi.

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Gunjan Pant started climbing the stairs of success with her hard work. But she didn’t get the remuneration she deserved. Gunjan Pant has accused Bhojpuri cinema of discrimination. Gunjan says that in this industry, talented actresses are not paid the same fees as male actors. No matter how hard an actress may work, she is always underestimated by a male actor. That’s why sometimes she feels broken too.

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Gunjan’s complaint to Bhojpuri cinema
Gunjan Pant says that fans come to the theater to see both actors and actresses. Like male actors, female actresses also work hard on promotion. In terms of work, actresses are in no way less than male actors. But even here the actress does not have the same value as that of a male actor. It is clear from the words of Gunjan Pant that she is very upset with the discrimination done in the Bhojpuri industry. But they say that society can never be changed in some things.

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In a male dominated country, women have yet to do a lot for their rights. Gunjan has told her point, but do not know how many actresses will be like her, who would be silent after seeing all this.

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