Heavy snowfall in many areas of Jammu Kashmir, movement of aircraft affected – Jammu Kashmir witnessed heavy snowfall, flights canceled

Heavy snowfall in many areas of Jammu and Kashmir, movement affected

Heavy snowfall is occurring in many parts of Kashmir. According to the latest information, snowfall has intensified in Srinagar since morning, due to which the movement of aircraft has been affected. Due to this flights are getting delayed. The snowfall is so much that a thick layer of snow has frozen all around. People are facing a lot of difficulties in movement. At the same time, the movement of aircraft was affected. Jammu and Kashmir has been going through a severe cold phase for forty days, which is locally called Chillai Kalan. At the same time, there has been torrential rain in the plains especially in Delhi-NCR since late night. Watch this video.

Jammu-Kashmir areas witnessed heavy snowfall and cold waves. Snowfall and poor visibility across Kashmir forced the cancellation of 37 of the 42 scheduled flights from Srinagar International Airport. The flight cancellations led to chaotic scenes at the airport as hundreds of passengers were left stranded. Watch this video for detailed information.

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