Himachal Pradesh: 14-year-old boy thrashed by a dozen stray dogs, traumatic death – Street Dogs attacked 14 Year Old Boy Death Himachal Pradesh una tstc

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  • Minor attacked by 10 to 12 dogs
  • 14 year old boy dies due to dog bite

A painful incident has come to the fore in Una, Himachal Pradesh. Where stray dogs bitten a 14-year-old boy and he died. It is being told that a herd of dogs suddenly attacked the child and bled his body badly. In the injured condition, the child was admitted to the hospital where he died. The police has taken the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem and has started investigating the matter.

14 year olds killed in dog attack

After this painful incident, there is an atmosphere of panic among the local people. People have appealed to the administration for the safety of life and property. It is being told that the deceased child was not mentally healthy and used to roam in the village. The villagers say that the minor was going somewhere near the drinking water irrigation scheme. During that time 10-12 stray dogs attacked him. The innocent tried a lot to escape but the number of dogs was so much that he could not save himself.

10 to 12 dogs attacked the child

The villagers have appealed to the administration to save them from the terror of stray dogs. So that in future such incident does not happen again. At the same time, the police say that after the post-mortem, the body will be handed over to the relatives. Doctors told that the children’s wounds were very deep and a lot of blood had also come out. Which resulted in death. After this incident, the boy’s family is in a bad condition.

The child died due to the bite of a mad dog in Chamba

This is not the first case of stray dog ​​bites. Earlier, in Chamba, Himachal, a case of death of an 11-year-old child was reported due to the bite of a mad dog. The child was the only son of his parents. Many such cases have been reported from many parts of the country.

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