Himachal Pradesh Apple Farming: Heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh in the midst of severe cold, is proving to be such a boon for apple farmers! – Himachal Pradesh Apple Farming Weather update Heavy snowfall amidst severe cold proving to be better for farmers lbsa

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  • Entire area covered in snowfall
  • This snowfall is very beneficial for apple crops

Himachal Pradesh Weather Update: In this winter season, the period of rain and snowfall continues in Himachal Pradesh. It is raining heavily in the plains and snowfall is not taking its name in the high mountainous areas. There is also a lot of snowfall in the Bagsiad area of ​​Mandi district. Due to this people have become imprisoned in their homes.

Snowflakes are raining continuously from the sky and the whole area is covered in snowfall. A thick sheet of snow has spread on the roofs of the houses. Snowfall has banned people from coming out of their homes. People are forced to hide in their homes and are resorting to fire to escape the severe cold.

Local farmers and gardeners of Bagsiad say that it is snowing heavily here and this snowfall is no less than a boon for the farmers and gardeners. This snowfall is very beneficial for apple crops. Due to this, the glaciers located in the higher hills are also filled with snow, due to which there is no shortage of water for the whole year and there is no damage to the crop.

Tourists arriving to enjoy snowfall
On the other hand, there has been a lot of snowfall in Chopta too. After the snowfall, a large number of tourists are reaching Chopta to enjoy the snowfall. Apart from this, vehicles are also slipping in the snow on Chopta motorway. More than two feet of snow has accumulated in Chopta, while the Chopta-Badrinath highway has also been closed for three days. The beautiful valleys and Bugyal of Chopta are completely covered with snow.

Tourists are reaching Chopta by walking several kilometers. Vehicles are also slipping on the motorway due to excessive snowfall. Tourists reaching Chopta from place to place are having fun in the snow. From Christmas till now, there is a huge crowd in Chopta. Even now the hotel-lodge of Chopta is running full.

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