Hindi is spoken from Nepal, Bangladesh to Uganda. World hindi day 2019, most five powerful languages ​​of the world

Digital Desk, New Delhi. World Hindi Day is celebrated every year around the world on 10 January, with the aim of promoting Hindi. Special events are held on this day in Indian embassies abroad. Let us know when did the celebration of World Hindi Day begin and where has the journey of Hindi reached?

The celebration of World Hindi Day was started on 10 January 2006 by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Since then, every year on January 10, many events are organized on World Hindi Day. Apart from World Hindi Day, ‘Hindi Day’ is celebrated every year in India on 14 September. Let’s know 10 special things related to Hindi Diwas …

1. The first World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur on 10 January 1975, in which 122 delegates from 30 countries participated.

2. Officially organized the World Hindi Conference in 2006, since then it is celebrated every year all over the world.

3. Special events are organized in Indian embassies abroad on World Hindi Day.

4. World Hindi Day was first celebrated on foreign soil at the Indian Embassy in Norway.

5. Hindi was declared as the official language in the Constituent Assembly on 14 September 1949, hence Hindi Day is also celebrated on this day.

6. Hindi is taught in 130 universities of the world.

7. Hindi is also included in the five languages ​​spoken around the world

8. Hindi has the status of an official language on an island called Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean.

9. Apart from India, Hindi is also spoken in America, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Mauritius, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Uganda.

10. The words ‘Din, Bada’, ‘Bachcha’ and ‘Accha’ have been added to the Hindi dictionary in 2017 in the Oxford Dictionary.

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