How accused in Sulli App case was arrested, know what is TRAD from which mastermind took the idea – accused Sulli App case was arrested what is TRAD mastermind took idea bulli bai case ntc

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  • 7-8 twitter handle was also operating vicious
  • group of 12 people was working on twitter

After the mastermind of the Bulli Bai app, the vicious of Sulli Deal was also arrested by the police. After arresting the mastermind of Sulli Deal Omkeshwar Thakur from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the police presented him in the court. From where the accused has been sent on remand for four days. Muslim women were targeted on the app made by the accused.

Police said that the mastermind of Sulli Deal Omkeshwar Thakur used to run a web-developing company. Not only this, he was also operating 7-8 Twitter handles. Actually its group consisted of about 12 people, who were working as a group on Twitter.

mastermind omkeshwar was arrested like this

According to the police, a case was registered in the Sulli Deal case in July last year. Since then the police was trying to reach its kingpin. But Vicious was escaping from the clutches of the police every time. But recently when Neeraj Vishnoi, the main accused of Bulli Bai app was arrested by the police, he spewed the name of Omkeshwar Thakur who was the mastermind of Sullu Deal in the interrogation. After this the police made a plan and raided Indore. The accused Omkeshwar was arrested by the police from New York City township of Indore. According to the information, the accused has done BCA from IPS Academy, Indore. He is an IT expert.

crime plan made from here

Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO) KPS Malhotra said that the accused joined a group named ‘Trade Mahasabha’ on Twitter in January 2020 using the handle @gangescion. Many groups were already active here. There was a discussion between these people. On this platform, group members had talked about trolling Muslim women. The vicious accused planned the crime from here.

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Every member of the group uploaded pictures of women

According to the police, the mastermind Omkeshwar Thakur had developed the code/app on GitHub. It was named Sulli deal. All members of the group had access to GitHub. They shared the information of the app with each other on their Twitter account. The people of the group had uploaded pictures of Muslim women on the app. According to the police, the laptop of the accused is being checked. After the uproar over Sulli Deals, the accused had deleted the entire data including the app.

Bulli Bai’s mastermind connected with the viciousness of Sulli deal

The mastermind of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app, Neeraj Bishnoi (21) said that he used to talk to people with virtual identity on social media. Many times he also used to participate in group discussions. Accused Neeraj told that he came in contact with the accused who created the Sulli Deals app hosted on GitHub in July last year. The accused Omkeshwar had created a Twitter handle named @sullideals.

Vicious Omkeshwar had deleted the data

According to the police, the group to which Neeraj Vishnoi was associated had heard about the Sulli deal from the group members in July 2021. He found out that it was created on GitHub. But when the police searched the Twitter handle, it came to know that after the controversy over the Sulli deal, Vicious has removed the data from all the platforms.

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