How To Book Train Tickets Online Through IRCTC {Easiest Way}

how to book train tickets online

How to book train ticket online? Today, we are going to talk about this popular question on how to book railway tickets or train tickets online. Know the easiest and simplest answer for this question here as we are going to explain to you how you can do so. 

My dear friends, many times when the station is a little far away from our house, we find it a little more difficult to get the ticket by going to the station or we all avoid standing in line at the ticket counter. But, now there is no need for that anymore. You can book tickets from your smartphone now easily. 

how to book train tickets online

If you want to book train tickets online very easily sitting at home, then I think you should read our complete article today. In today’s entire article, we are going to give you complete detailed information on how you can book train tickets online from your mobile sitting at home.

How To Book Train Tickets Online

The online method for training tickets is convenient and also doesn’t charge any additional fee. You will not have to go or spend any money, this process is absolutely free. Yes, you will have to pay for your ticket, it will not be free at all.

So let us know step by step how to book railway tickets sitting at home. Just a request to you that you do not miss any line and follow step by step and read this entire article carefully.

Requirements To Book Train Tickets Online

If you want to book train tickets online, it is very important for you to have an ATM card or credit card, or internet banking to make the payment. With these things, you can easily pay online to book tickets. And if you do not have any of these, then you can also use the UPI method. 

Secondly, it is also necessary to have an Aadhar card with you so that you can enter the correct information of the person whose ticket you are going to book, such as their name and date of birth, etc.

  • ATM card, credit card, internet banking, or UPI (Phone Pe, GPay, Paytm)
  • Aadhar card (of the passenger)

How To Book Train Tickets Online Using Smartphone (via IRCTC)

In order to book train tickets online on your own from mobile or from your laptop PC, it is very important that you first have an account in IRCTC. Since this is an official site given by the railway government, you can’t book online tickets without creating an account first.

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC is an online ticket booking website and application platform developed by the Ministry of Railways to address the problems of overcrowding at the ticket counters. The full name of IRCTC is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

IRCTC is such an Indian Railways e-ticketing service, through which every person can book or cancel online tickets from their mobile or computer anytime sitting at their home. This simply means that having IRCTC provides us a very easy facility to book our tickets online without standing in any queue and without any hassle.

How To Create an IRCTC Account?

To create an IRCTC account, first, you have to download their app from Google Play Store or you can also create an account by visiting their website. Download the IRCTC app or visit the official website to create your account. Then, you can start booking your train tickets online.

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IRCTC Account & Benefits

It is very important to have an IRCTC account to book train tickets online. It is absolutely free to create an IRCTC account, that is, there is no charge of any kind for creating the account, and also you can book train tickets after creating an account in it. Along with this, you can also know the status of the train.

That is, by which train you want to go, whether the seat in that train is vacant or not, where has the train reached now and at what time you will be able to get all this information very easily, as well as after creating an account in IRCTC, only you will have to pay the charge of the ticket itself, and you will not have to pay any kind of tax.

irctc registration

To create an IRCTC account, you first have to go to its website or app. After that, if you are a new user, then you have to click on the “Register” option. On clicking Register, you will see a new page opening in which three sections will appear. Fill in your complete information in all these options. 

  • Basic Details
  • Personal Details
  • Residential Address

How To Fill Basic Details For IRCTC Account Registration

Many times we do not even know in which columns we have to write which information, so let us tell you about them one by one so that you can create an IRCTC account. 

how to create an irctc account

User ID

Friends, create a unique ID in your user ID, which will be that whenever you log in to your account, you will need this user-id. The User ID should be between 3 to 10-characters.

Apart from this, after entering the User ID, you can click on Check Availability to see whether the User ID created by you is available or not. It is exactly the same process as to how you create your unique username on Instagram.


After creating the user ID, you will also have to create a new password, which you can enter at any time to protect your account while login. Although your password should be between eight and 15 characters, your password should be your name or your name. Do not keep it in the name of your birthday date or any particular family member.
Keep the password most unique, as you have to give your name, then you should give the first letter of your name or the last letter in the capital, all the rest should be written in small. Then put 2 or 3 numbers in front of it so that your password is even more strong. Let’s do it.

Confirm password

After that, you have to give the same password in the confirm password as well as the password you have created.

Security Question

In the security question, you get many options like – what is your first school name, what is your father name, what is your pet name, etc.

Out of these, whichever option you remember easily, you can select it correctly, so that when you forget your password, you can recover your account again with its help.

Security Answer

After filling the security question, enter your security question answer in the security answer which you remember while recovering your account.

Preferred Language

Under this option, you can choose the languages ​​in which you want to use this feature. If you know the English language then choose English or you can also choose Hindi or any other language.

How To Fill Personal Details For IRCTC Registration

As for the Personal Details, here is how to fill in the details carefully one by one.

irctc online train ticket booking

  • Name: In the first name, you will write your name, after that in the middle name, you put something else between your name and surname, then write it or else leave it, after that, you fill your surname in the last name.
  • Gender: If you are male then click on the male option and if you are female then you click on the female option.
  • If you are married, then click on the married option, if you are not married, then click on the unmarried option.
  • Date of birth: In this column, you have to enter your day of birth, month, and year
  • Occupation: In this option, if you do any government job or private job or if you are a student of one, then you can use those options.
  • Aadhar card number: In this option, you can enter the number of your Aadhar card and if you do not have an Aadhar card then you can leave this option blank. It is better that you enter the Aadhar card.
  • PAN card: If you have a PAN card, then you can enter your PAN card number in this option. You cannot leave it blank, it is better that you give this information so that you do not have to face any further problems.
  • Country: If you are an Indian citizen, then you click on India in this option. If you are a citizen of any other country, then you can search for its name and select the name of that country.
  • E-mail: After that, you have to enter your email ID in this option and it is mandatory to enter your email ID because if you book a ticket then your ticket will be sent to your email ID only. So fill in the email ID information correctly and enter the email id that you use.
  • Mobile Number: After entering your email id, you will enter your mobile number in this option, which will benefit you that in the future if you forget your password or forget your user ID. While forgetting those things, the verification code will come on this mobile number, which will help you well.
  • Nationality: In this also you have to choose your citizenship like country option like if you are an Indian citizen then you have to click on Indian and if you are any other country i.e. foreign citizen then you have to select NRI.
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How To Fill Residential Details For IRCTC Registration

In the address, you write your full address:

how to book tickets on irctc

  • Flat / Door / Block no: Enter your house number, door number, or flat number
  • Street / Lane: In the option, you enter your colony or your road name, street number
  • Area / Locality: In the option, you enter the name of such area around you, by which your area is recognized or which you use in your postal address.
  • Pin code: In this option, you enter the pin code of the area where you live or whose address you have given.
  • State: As soon as you enter your pin code, you will have to select your state where you live and the state whose location you have entered in this app, although your state will be automatically selected as soon as you enter your pin code, but if this is the case If not, then whom are you going to meet, that is, you can do it yourself.
  • City/Town: After entering the pin code, it is automatically filled automatically, but if it is not so, then you can choose the name of your district in it.
  • Post office: If you will see the name of the post office of the area you have entered in it, then you select it.
  • Phone no: In this option, you can again enter your phone number or mobile number.

Captcha code

After filling in all those information correctly, you will see a kind of Captcha Code mixed with some numbers and alphabets to do IRCTC User ID Verification, which you will have to understand properly and fill in the box next to it.

If any letter is written in the capital or written in small, then you have to enter the same way they are. If once the captcha code is wrong then it doesn’t matter. Once you will be given a new captcha, read it carefully and fill it.

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Submit Registration Form

Now you have to click on the option “Submit Registration Form” once entered all the details. As soon as you click on submit, you have to select the option of I Agree to Terms and Conditions, after which you will see a message of success, which means that your account has been created.

Finally, you will receive an email from IRCTC that will give you a link to direct IRCTC login. Click on this link to login into IRCTC with your account.

How To Book Train Tickets Online Step-by-Step Guide

  • Open IRCTC and log in using your account. Go to “Train Search” and select “From” and “To” to book your train ticket. Select the date on which you want to book your ticket.

how to book train ticket online

  • Now a list of all those trains will be shown in front of you which will reach your location in your given time and according to your time, select the train from which you want to go. 

railway reservation seat availability

  • As soon as you click on your train, now you have to choose the class of the train on which you want to travel, as there are many types of classes in Indian Railways like AC First Class (1A), AC 2-Tier ( 2A), AC 3-Tier (3A), First Class (FC), AC Chair Car (CC), Sleeper (SL) and Second Sitting (2S). In this, you will get the cheapest ticket from General i.e. 2s

how to book railway tickets

  • After this, choose your class and the class you want to go to, then after clicking on that class, you will get information on whether there is any seat vacant for you for the place you want to go to on that date. How many seats are vacant, this information will be given, as soon as you see Available written, then you can immediately click on Book Now.
  • Now click on confirm to confirm the selected train. 
  •  Add passenger details In this, as soon as the page opens, you will be shown the distance between the two stations and the time taken to cover the distance. Below that click on the option of Boarding Station, after that, you can add the passenger. 

online train ticket booking 2021

  • As many times as you click on Add New, it will add as many passengers as you want. If you have a child who is traveling with you, then you click on “Add Infant”. 
  • For passenger details, enter the person’s name, age, religion, and nationality. Then, also select the berth preference.

how to book railway tickets

  • On scrolling down a little further, you will see an option of Distance ON Address, that is, where you want to go, you will have to give complete information here. 
  • Finally, you have to select on payment mode if you have the credit or debit card or net banking king i.e. if you want to make payment through any one of those options then you click on it and if you want to take travel insurance. So click on yes otherwise click on no but at last click on Review Journey Details.

mobile train ticket booking

As soon as you select the step payment method you can make payment using your wallet and other multiple payment options and now your online railway ticket booking process is complete.

After paying for the ticket, you will get your booking details, if you want, you can take a screenshot or take a printout of it. Apart from this, your tickets will also be sent to your email id. online ticket booking


I hope that you got to know how to book train tickets online easily. I have tried to explain all the options in full detail step by step so that with the help of this article, everyone can understand well and can book their tickets online. If you have benefited a bit from this article of mine, then you can also share this article with your friends and families so that they can also book their tickets online. Thank you for reading. Keep visiting Janta Yojana for more updates.

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