How to Create a Resume Online on Mobile and Computer

How to Create a Resume Online

How to create a resume? A bad resume can ruin all your hard work. This is your first weapon which can be the reason for getting or not getting a job. Because your resume decides the journey from applying to the interview. We all have to make a great resume. But I do not understand how to make it.

Do you also have to take the help of a Cyber ​​Cafe to Make a Resume? So stop doing this from now on. Everyone needs a Professional Resume for a Job Interview. In such a situation, the format of your resume should be different.

How to Create a Resume Online

In this post, we will learn to create a Perfect Resume with an Image in Easy Steps. You can create an awesome Resume using your Phone/Laptop. You do not need to pay money by going to Computer Cafe. Keep moving forward I will explain everything in detail.

Resume Basics – Writing Tips 

Many questions come to mind before doing/making something. Questions like “How to make a resume?”, “What should I add to my resume?” are most common. All these questions are bound to come. Because we do not have any information about it before starting the career. The same happened to me too. I didn’t even know about it. Even what is a resume? Where is it used? What is written in it?

Having an Attractive Resume is very important. Because this is your first impression. It does more than 35% work to keep the interviewer interested in you. Before making it, it is very important for you to have basic knowledge of it.

What is Resume?

RESUME is a kind of summarized document that gives details about the person, his/her career background, skills, accomplishments, etc. It is given to the interviewer during the job interview to express his expertise. Special features like technical knowledge, education, experience, etc. are written in the resume so that the Interviewer can impress us and shortlist us quickly.

Sometimes questions related to this are also asked in the interview. That’s why it becomes important for us to know its meaning and purpose before writing a resume. In general, we also call it Bio-Data and CV (Curriculum Vitae).

But it is not like that at all. We believe this because of a lack of information. They are also used in different places. In this post, we will show the significant differences between resume, bio-data, and CV.

Professional Resume Format and Samples

resume format

You can use it for any job;

  • Teacher Jobs – Teacher Post Interview
  • Bank Jobs – Bank Interview
  • Professional Job – Any type of job
  • Fresher Jobs – To get the first job

It does not matter whether you are a Fresher or an Experienced person. Resume writing is needed for every job interview. Just keeping in mind the Resume Types, you have to present a Perfect Resume in front of the Interviewer according to the Job Description.

A great resume increases your chances of getting selected by up to 40%.

Types of Resume

I think this is a complicated question. Because most people never talk about it. Before this research, I too did not have any knowledge related to Resume Types.

In general, there are three types of Resume that are used during the interview according to different types of Job Responsibilities. This is a compulsory topic because by knowing about this, you will be able to choose the best format. After this, your resume will become special. I hope This information will be helpful in getting your dream job.

resume maker for students

What are its types? Let’s know and understand about everyone.

Functional Resume

As the name suggests, in this type of resume you have to highlight how much experience have you acquired in work? In this type of resume, special attention is given to skill sets.

In this, different types of skills are written. Which is very important for your job. For example;

  • What skills do you have?
  • Do your skills match the company’s goals?
  • How much mastery have you achieved in your own skill?
QUICK GUIDE: This type of resume is suitable for those who keep changing the industry. Or the gap is included in their work history. It is also considered best for freshers. According to the consultants, this Resume Type should be used in the first job.

Chronological Resume

In this type of resume, professional history is made keeping in mind. In this resume type, your work experience is written first. For example,

  • Which of your organizations have you worked in?
  • How was your performance in the last job?
  • There was no gap in your career life, etc.
QUICK GUIDE: This type of resume is best for an Experienced Person who has achieved a lot of good experiences and achievements in his career.

Combination Resume

I don’t think you even have to think hard about it. Because we all know Combination means mixed. Let’s understand

Combination Resume = Work History + Skills Sets

Yes, both of these things are taken care of in this. In this, like Functional and Chronological Resume, it is not made keeping one thing in mind.

QUICK GUIDE: According to experts, this type of resume is considered best for professionals with less experience. As we know that, in general, there are only three types of Resume. Out of these, any Resume Format can be selected according to the responsibilities of the job.

Differences Among CV, Resume, and Bio Data

Sometimes we also call it CV ( Curriculum Vitae ) and Bio-Data. Maybe we don’t know the difference between them. Most people do not even know where and for what purpose they are used. Some people think of them as the same thing.

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Let show some key differences among them. And also get to know about some important things related to Resume.

Resume Curriculum Vitae Bio-Data
It is a French word, which means ” abbreviation “. Therefore, in this brief information is given. It is a Latin language word, which means “course of life”. The meaning of Biodata is ( Biographical Data ).
A resume is only 1 or 2 pages. It explains in detail about us as compared to the resume. In this, your personal information like ( DOB, Gender, Nationality, etc.) is told.
It is sent via e-mail in most cases. Its length is 2 to 4 pages respectively. BioData is often used on Marital Sites.
This is only a way to reach the interview because you are asked for a CV during the interview. All CV jobs and positions, Degree and Specialization is written about. Jobs where Personal Information is presented there, such as government jobs.
Only important things are written in the resume. In this, all the information related to your education till now is given. Biodata is also often used to give personal details for marriage.

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Resume

Fresh candidates do not know much about writing a resume. In this absence, fresh candidates ignore many important things. On the other hand, they also do things that they do not do. It also includes mistakes related to Resume Formats, Objectives, and Important Information.

I am sharing some Resume Writing Tips with you in which I will tell you about some essential things and non-essential things. You should keep these things in mind while making a resume.


According to the interview expert, you must do these things for a resume. For example,

  • Read the Job Description well for the job you are about to apply for so that you can know what skills are needed for that job.
  • Customize your resume according to different jobs.
  • Try to make your resume shorter. The shorter, the better. It should be 1-2 pages only.
  • Write only about the information that is needed in the job.
  • Write the Resume Objective according to the purpose of the organization you are going to join.
  • Do not forget to write about your achievements related to Job Responsibility in the resume. For example, you have won an award, or have participated in any program of your school/college, etc.
  • Take special care of the font type used in the resume. You can use any font in the most used Calibri, Cambria, Garamond, Georgia, Helvetica.
  • In this, you also need to take care of the font size. Keep the font size to 12-14.


Now it comes to those things, which you should not do even by mistake. For example,

  • To increase your impression, do not write things that are not needed at all.
  • Never forget to write about your Weakness in your Resume. Leave it to the interviewer to understand you.
  • Do not use long paragraphs. Because everyone hesitates to read long paragraphs. It would be better to use Bullets Points.
  • Do not copy points from another person’s resume or from Google.
  • Never make Grammatical Mistakes / Spelling Errors in your Resume. This shows your flaws.
  • Never unnecessarily write false things in the greed of getting selection in the job.

If these things are carefully taken care of, then your resume will be ready to be absolutely perfect. Which will make you more noticeable during the interview.

Write only about those Skills and Hobbies that you really know. Because during the interview you can be asked about the things written.

Requirements to Create a Resume

Let me answer your question “What is needed to create a Simple Resume?”. Before knowing it was a burden to me. But making it is not as difficult as we think.

All you need are these things:

  • Internet Connection
  • Smartphone/Computer
  • Resume maker app/tools
  • Professional Photo

That’s enough. Apart from these, nothing else is needed.

You can also use a Laptop or Computer instead of a Mobile. You need one of these things. And it is made quite easily on the phone as well. You will find many Resume Making Tools and Websites on the Internet. But I will tell you about only one app. It is considered best for making a Professional Resume.

In this App, you will get to see 40+ Formats in which there are new designs that look Simple and Professional. With this, we will also know about all the popular Tools and Websites that are used to create a Resume.

How To Create Resume On Mobile- Complete Tutorial

Now we will know the process of creating a resume in three (3) ways. First of all, mobile phone, then the computer and finally with the help of online tools, you will learn to make a CV. Some of which are free and some are premium.

But I am going to tell you about a completely free and easy way. Let us now start learning the step-by-step process of creating a resume on the phone.

Install Resume Builder

After checking all the apps, I found this only Resume Maker to be the best. In this, you get to see more than 40 FREE Resume Formats.

First of all, you have to install Free Resume Builder created by Intelligent CV on the phone from Google Play Store. You will easily find this application on Google Play Store. Just search by typing ” Resume Builder “. Then download it from the search results.

resume maker online

Now open it and understand some important features. Here you will see some work options. Let’s go through the important options.

  • Create: With the help of this option, you will fill in your personal details to make a resume. And after completing all the information, you will be able to save the resume on your phone.
  • Downloads: You can see all the CVs made in this app in this option. And then you can also download and share them from here. You will also see some options at the top of the screenshot. But they are not important. That’s why we won’t talk about them.
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Let us now know the further process. In this step, first, you have to go to the “ CREATE ” option. After that, you have to fill in your profile details one by one.

Fill Your Details Related to the profile

In this section, you have to fill about all the things related to yourself. These are the things that you have to fill in cleverly. By saying good and true things, the expectation of selection increases to a great extent. What is to be filled, and how to fill it, let us understand all the options one by one in easy language.

how to make a resume for first job

Personal Details

Here you have to save your personal information one by one by filling the form;

  1. Full name
  2. Your address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Your phone number
  5. A clean looking photo

Finally, after completing all these things, save it.

NOTE: Make sure your Image should look Professional. It will make your resume look more attractive.


In the form of this part, you fill your qualified education.

  1. What degree have you studied up to
  2. Which college/university did you study in
  3. How much grade/percentage did you get
  4. In which year did you complete the course

You can fill your entire Education Records. For this, after saving each information, tap on the “Add” button.


Maybe you have worked in some company. In this case, you fill in the following:

  • The name of the company
  • What position did you work in
  • When did you join and when did you leave

If you have done any internship then you can also write it here.

QUICK NOTE: If you have done any other job before this then only fill this option. Otherwise, you can leave it.

Technical Skills

Perhaps you must also know that in today’s era, it is important for every person to have some skill. Then we quickly Grow will help. If you also have any different skill then you must fill it. Here are some examples of technical skills:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Tally ERP
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing Skills, etc.

Goal and Objective

There is definitely some objective in the life of every man. In the same way, what are your Objectives towards the company? How can you take yourself and the company forward? Please fill these things. By the way, if you want, you can choose Sample Objective from the option of Select Objective.

IMPORTANT: It would be better if you write the Objective in your own words in the form. This will make the interviewer feel that you are a genuine man and your chance of getting selected will increase.


If a person, college, or consultant referred this job to you, then it is necessary to fill this option. If you have come to know about this job from any job portal, then leave it blank.


If you have worked on any project during an internship or on your own, then fill it. Otherwise, let it be.

Achievements & Awards

If you have ever received an award in any competition, company, program, then you can mention them! for example,

  • Mr. Dude in Freshers’ party
  • Second runner up in IT quiz, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure to write down your achievements. Those who feel that they match the tasks of your job.

Industrial Exposure

This can mean your previous job or internship. An internship means working with a company. If you have worked with any company in the past, then definitely include it. Because in every company there is more demand of experienced people.

SUB NOTE: If you are a Fresher and have not worked anywhere yet. So no problem leave it.

Generate Your Resume

After filling up all the information, now you have to generate the resume. To do this, you tap on the “ View CV ” button. In the next step, you will see more than 40 Resume Formats which you can use absolutely free.

free resume without paying

Select Resume Format

Choose any one as per your choice from the 40+ Templates shown in the above image. Tap on the design you like out of these. It would be better if you choose a Professional Look Format. This gives a glimpse of your clean personality.

 how to make a professional resume

Download the Resume

In this last step, you can make some important changes in the CV, such as;

  • Theme color
  • Text Font Size
  • Printing Paper size

After arranging everything, you tap on the “Download” button. It will automatically be saved as a PDF file in your phone’s internal memory. All the created resumes can be seen by going to the “Download Section” of this application. Or you can also check it by going to the File Manager of your smartphone. In this way, you can make as many CVs as you want. For yourself and also for your friends.

how to create a resume online on mobile
ATTENTION: You will not need to convert the resume to PDF format separately. Because in this resume maker, the resume is automatically saved as a PDF file.

Till now we were learning to make Resume on the Phone. Let us now understand the process of creating a resume on the computer.

How To Create A Resume Online On Computer

Creating a resume on LAPTOP is easy. For this, we can use many Resume Tools which can be both online and offline. The process of creating an online resume on the computer is much easier. Here we get to see thousands of designs. We only need to fill in our details. Then in a few minutes, our resume is ready.

I am going to tell you about one of the Best Resume Maker Tools, which is known as Canva”. Here you will get 1000+ Resume Templates already made. You only need to change the details. The process of creating a resume in Canva is very easy. Let’s know How To Create Online Resume.

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Login to Canva

First of all, create an account on Canva. After that, you will see an interface like this. You can also search for ready-made Resume Templates by typing “ Resume ” in the search box.

how to create a resume on pc

Select Resume Design

You will see hundreds of powerful templates in the search result. Select any design of your choice and click on it.

Modify the Details and Layout

resume builder

Now change the details according to you. For example,

  • Your Name and Photo
  • Objectives, Contact Address, Education Details
  • Work Experience, Skills, and Achievement, etc.

Download Resume in PDF File

After editing everything, click on the option of Download. And after that save/download the resume created on your computer/laptop in PDF format.

Telling the truth I found this process the easiest to create an online resume. Because we can make CV on a computer within five minutes.

QUICK GUIDE: In my view, making a Resume online is the best option. Because here you do not have to think about the Design / Format.

How To Send Resume For Interview

Your resume is ready. Now is the time to send your resume to the recruitment department. After all, how to send or send resume to give interview. The answer is very simple. You can send it in many ways. But I will tell you about two (2) most popular methods.

  1. First way: If you are going for Walking Interview or Job Fair, then you can present Direct to the Interviewer by taking your Resume hardcopy with you.
  2. Second way: Sitting at home, you can send your resume by email in a very easy way by attaching it to the mail.

I hope you know how to email. If you don’t know how to send an email, then here I will tell in short. How To Send Resume Via Email.

Open Gmail

First in Mobile or Computer  Browser, open Gmail. After this, select the Compose option.

Enter Email Details

Here you only have to do 4 simple things. Which will take a maximum of 5-minutes to do.

  1. To Field – In this, write the email address to which you want to send.
  2. Subject Field – Write the purpose of sending the email here.
  3. Compose Email – If necessary, write something about yourself.
  4. Attach File – With this option, you attach your resume PDF file.

Now Click on Send Button

Nothing to do now After completing all these steps, click on Send. Now your resume will go to the person you want to send.

BONUS: Resume Builder Apps and Online Tools

Till now we were knowing the process of how to create a Resume from mobile phones and computers. I thought that I should give some more additional information related to this.

Free Resume Maker Apps

In this post, I have told about only one Resume Builder App. If you are facing any problem in using this application, then I am giving you a list of apps to create a resume.

App Name Developer Name
Resume builder app Nithra
CV Maker Resume Builder Mobotechnology Inc.
Resume PDF Maker DailyMobApps
Free Resume Builder Magnetic Lab

You will easily find all these apps on Google Play Store.

All the CV-making applications given in the list are very popular. If you also want to make a resume, then you can use any of these.

SUB NOTE: The process of making a CV is almost the same in all the applications given in the above table. You can use them for different types of Best Designs and Simple Formats.

Websites and Tools to Create a Resume

You will find many resume-making websites on the internet. Most of them are paid, but some of the best free websites still exist.

These are the top websites to create a resume online.

  • VisualCV
  • Indeed Resume Builder
  • MS Word (Software Tool)

Canva is the best in my opinion. And it’s totally free. Apart from this, as I mentioned, there are many additional means available. Lastly, some important things to remember to create a resume.

  • The design of your resume should be unique and attractive.
  • To show your ability, do not write anything unnecessarily in the form.
  • The simpler the format of the resume, the better.
  • Write as much knowledge as you have about JOB Responsibility.

ATTENTION: All the tools and websites related to creating a resume have been told in this post. We have used everything ourselves, only then it has been presented to you. One more thing, to create a resume, you have to create a FREE ACCOUNT on these websites. After that, you will be able to download it.


How many pages should a resume be?
Most resumes are only 1 to 2 pages long. Its ideal number is also this.
Should you add hobbies to create a resume?
Yes absolutely can. But keep in mind whether your personality is matching with the tasks of that job.
Are resume and bio-data the same thing?
No. These are different from each other. They are used for different tasks.
What should be the format of a resume?
The format of your resume should be very clean and professional. So that it is easy for the interviewer to understand.
Should I write objectives in the resume?
Every interview has a different point of view. If you are including Objectives then I would advise you to write Objectives keeping in mind the Job Responsibility.
Can we download the resume in PDF file?
Yes absolutely, because the soft copy of the resume is always sent in the PDF file itself.


Generally, a normal resume is with every interviewee. But you don’t have to walk with this crowd. You have to run differently. I mean Your Resume Should be Simple but Standout from others. Because during the interview it makes your chances of getting selected a lot easier. I hope you like the information shared here. Keep visiting Janta Yojana to get more useful articles.

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