IND VS HKG: Team India will have to do these 4 things, Pakistan’s work will be done again

IND Vs HKG: There will be a clash between India and Hong Kong on Wednesday, victory in this match is necessary to reach Super 4.

There will be a collision between India and Hong Kong on Wednesday

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Team India defeated Pakistan in their very first match in the Asia Cup 2022. In a thrilling match, India defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets. Now Team India has to face Hong Kong. This match is important for Team India because after winning it, its place in Super 4 will be confirmed. Also, it is possible that on Sunday she was once again seen playing a match against Pakistan. In such a situation, this match against Hong Kong becomes more important. Obviously Team India is a contender for victory against Hong Kong, but in the match to be held on Wednesday, she can overcome her four big problems.

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Team India’s first problem is KL Rahul not being in color. Since Rahul has returned to Team India, his three innings have been spoiled. He failed in two ODIs against Zimbabwe and against Pakistan he was dealt with on the very first ball. In such a situation, Team India would like KL Rahul to play fiercely against Hong Kong and come in color before a possible collision with Pakistan. The second problem of Team India is obviously Virat Kohli’s form. He played an important innings of 35 runs against Pakistan but Virat was not seen in full color in it. If Virat plays a half-century innings against Hong Kong, it will increase his confidence. The third problem of Team India is Suryakumar Yadav’s inability to play freely. Suryakumar Yadav did not appear in his style against Pakistan. This player did not play a single shot that spoiled the bowler’s line-length. Suryakumar will have to show his mettle against Hong Kong so that he is ready for the big match to come. The fourth thing that Team India will have to do is that it has to choose to bat first against Hong Kong. By batting first, he will get a better idea of ​​the Dubai pitch. It is possible that the Indian team loses the toss further against Pakistan and gets the invitation to bat first. In such a situation, if the Indian team bats first against Hong Kong, then it will have more idea of ​​the situation.

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