Indian Mujahideen sleeper cells are being prepared in Bihar, intelligence department revealed – intelligence bureau reported Indian Mujahideen sleeper cells prepared in Bihar ntc

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  • Apart from Kishanganj, Araria and Supaul, unemployed youth of Seemanchal have been targeted.
  • Safe zone of illegal foreign nationals in Katihar district of Seemanchal

The Intelligence Department of Bihar has warned that in the last few years, Bihar has become a soft pocket for preparing for terrorist activities. Here ISI and sleeper cells of China come and hide and carry out their activities from here. Its disclosure has come to the fore in the recent IB investigation.

According to the report sent by Bihar to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Indian Mujahideen has fixed a target of preparing more than 200 sleeper cell members in the border area adjacent to Bihar and Bengal by the beginning of 2022 itself. This report has been sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the basis of the report of Sashastra Seema Bal, in which the SSB has submitted its secret report to the Ministry citing the recent suspicious activities on the Indo Nepal border.

Seemanchal districts on target

Apart from Kishanganj, Araria and Supaul, unemployed youth of Seemanchal have been targeted by Mujahideen for sleeper cell. The process of selection for 2022 has been started. The matter of selection of sleeper cell members has come to the fore in suspicious activities on the Indo-Nepal border. Among the members, those youth have been targeted, who are unemployed and are very active on social media. For the selection of sleeper cell, their information has been extracted from the social media account. After seeing the anti-government post, terrorist organizations are contacting them. Most of the youths joining this cell are poor, unemployed and also ignorant. According to sources, these youths are being taken late at night for training in programs organized in the name of Takreer.

Uzbekistan girls exposed

According to the information, youths who become members of the sleeper cell are first lured and implicated. Later, when the reality comes out, they have no way of getting out of it. Recently, at the Jogbani Integrated Check Post, some Uzbekistan girls who came under the custody of Indian government agencies gave this exclusive information. After that it was revealed that to activate the sleeper cell, a large number of Afghan citizens are keeping the districts adjacent to the Bihar and Bengal border on their target. These members of active terrorist organization spend money in the districts of Seemanchal, get Aadhar card and voter ID card made.

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Foreigners absconding away from the reach of police

Katihar district of Seemanchal has been a safe zone for illegal foreign nationals. More than half a dozen Afghan civilians, who escaped from Katihar in recent days, are still out of reach of police and investigative agencies. Investigating agencies claim that these citizens are running their activities in the border areas. By escaping from the security agencies of India, they are preparing the army of their people in the form of sleeper cells, who are supporting them in anti-India activities.

Shocking disclosure in the investigation report

In the report prepared by the investigating agencies and Sashastra Seema Bal, it has been clearly told that these people engaged in anti-India activities share complete information about the area up to themselves. Apart from the population of any state and especially the activities of the youth, they also share information about the caste equation of any state. They live together with the local people and also convey information about government works and schemes to the top. They live their lives in such a way that even the local people do not suspect their activities.

SSB report sent to Delhi

The SSB has sent the report of the increased suspicious activities along the Indo-Nepal border to the Ministry of Home Affairs. In which, from smuggling of counterfeit notes, to Bihar from Nepal to Bihar, a list of people with suspicious movements is included. The SSB has also shared the report of increased activity in Nepal of the group working under the influence of ISI and China. It is being told that Indian investigative agencies are in action and vigil has been increased along the border of Bangladesh with India Nepal.

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