Indian Navy’s new ‘eye’ will become indigenous aircraft IAC Vikrant, third phase of trials begin – Indian Navy aircraft carrier IAC Vikrant third phase of trials Start ntc

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  • Two trials of this aircraft have been completed.
  • The IAC Vikrant is built into the deck design

India’s indigenous aircraft IAC Vikrant will soon join the army’s fleet. Preparations for its trial are going on in full swing. The naval officer said that India’s indigenous aircraft IAC Vikrant has been dispatched for sea trials. Now by establishing specific readings of the performance of the ship in different conditions, the information about how it can be incorporated in the maneuvers will be taken.

The IAC Vikrant was first test-fired in August last year, in which sea trials were conducted to test how to set up propulsion, navigational suite and basic operations. Later in the second sea trial in October-November, the ship’s machinery trial and flight test were done. The IAC will now go to the scientists of the Indian Navy and will be trialled at a DRDO laboratory located at the Technical Laboratory, Visakhapatnam. Apart from this, various sensor suites of the ship will also be tested.

The Indian Navy is planning to procure a fleet of fighter jets for the Indigenous Aircraft (IAC) Vikrant, which is likely to enter service in August. If the army inducts IAC Vikrant in its warships by August, then India will be included in the list of selected 7 countries that have specialized capabilities to design and build aircraft carriers. The names of America, UK, France, Russia, Italy and China are already included in this list.

Earlier, the Indian Navy has purchased aircraft from the US and Russia. Indian Navy officials say that the ship is capable of performing basic flight operations from its very first flight, which will prove to be a milestone in the history of Indian aircraft manufacturing.

What is the specialty of IAC Vikrant?

The indigenous aircraft IAC Vikrant is 262 meters long, 62 meters wide and 30 meters deep. It has been specially made in the design of a deck. The ship has been specially designed for 1700 personnel. More than 2,300 compartments have been made in IAC Vikrant, in which special cabins have also been made for women officers.

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