Indian Railways RPF team started meri saheli initiative to help female passengers and give them security in trains lbs

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  • RPF deployed my friend’s team at the railway station
  • Railway Protection Force will help women traveling alone in railways

Indian Railway Meri Sahli Team: Indian Railways is running a campaign so that the women traveling in the train do not have to face any problem during the journey. The name of this campaign being run by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) is ‘Meri Saheli’.

In this initiative named ‘Meri Saheli’, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) team will go to the women passengers traveling in the train and talk to them and if the passengers face any problem then it will be resolved immediately. Apart from this, a helpline number will also be given to the passengers so that if they face any kind of problem during the journey, then they can call on the given number and register a complaint. After this, an act will be taken immediately on the complaint.

This facility has been started for long distance trains at present. However, later women passengers traveling in all trains will be able to take advantage of this. Railway Protection Force has deployed 244 Meri Saheli teams across the country under this campaign. This team will talk to the women passengers and will also collect information about the problems they are facing during the journey.

In this campaign, my friend’s team will contact women passengers with the arrival of the train at the station, after that the details of those passengers will be collected. If they need help, they will have to give their name and seat number. The team of Railway Protection Force will help immediately.

This effort of the Railway Protection Force will also benefit that the number of women passengers will be able to be assessed while traveling in the railways. Apart from this, till now the Railways has taken many safety measures for women. Through CCTV surveillance, women’s special train, railways is trying to provide continuous facilities to women. In such a situation, this initiative of Railway Protection Force is an attempt for women passengers to make their journey comfortable and safe.

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