How To Create, Mount, and Burn ISO Files?

how to create, burn, and mount iso files

You must have heard about ISO files or ISO images at some point and maybe even used them, but I have seen that very few people know about ISO files very well. So, in this post, we will learn about ISO Files, what is it, how to create ISO Files, Burn, and Mount them. When you copy a data or software package from a CD/DVD or from a computer to another CD/DVD, to other computer drives, or to Pen Drives, there is a high chance that some system files or hidden files will not copy.

Due to this, you won’t be able to use that copied data properly again. To avoid this problem, we create an ISO file of that data or software package. Just like you store your files and folders in .zip file, similarly, you also store your data in an ISO file. The only difference is it does not compress your data like .zip file. The extension of the ISO file is .iso and we also call the ISO file an Image file because it is exactly a duplicate (image) file of any CD / DVD or other data. If told in simple words, an ISO file is a way through which you package different types of files and folders together and store them in one file whose extension is ISO.

how to create, burn, and mount iso files

This file is mostly used for making images (copy) of used CDs and DVDs. Nowadays, ISO file has become the best format for distributing programs. Whenever you download any operating systems from the internet like Ubuntu (Linux), Windows, Apple Mac OS, chances are you will get this operating system in ISO file and you can burn this file by burning your CD/DVD or with the help of any software. By copying from Pen Drive, you can make CD / DVD and Pen Drive bootable.

How To Create, Mount, and Burn ISO Files With ImgBurn

CD / DVD has no confidence that it does not know when it gets scratched, broken, or lost. So it is very important that you make an ISO file as a backup of your CDs, which you can use on your own. These can be easily stored in a computer or in cloud storage.

If you want to create an ISO file of any CD/DVD or any data, then you will find many applications on the internet but the most popular application is ImgBurn. This is the easiest tool to create ISO files from data or burn ISO files to CD/DVD and it is absolutely free and its size is also only 3.8MB. Download it and install it from the official website.

Through this application you can burn (write) ISO files to Disc (CD/DVD), burn any files and folders into a disc, create ISO file of data present in a disc, and apart from this, ISO file of files and folders can be created.

How To Create ISO File?

  • Now if you want to create an ISO file of any CD/DVD, put it in the DVD writer of your computer. Now you open ImgBurn and click on “Create image file from disc”.

how to burn or mount an iso without a disc

  • Now you have to select your CD / DVD from the Source option. After that from the Destination option, you have to select the location in your computer where you have to save your ISO file by creating it. 

imgburn download

  • Now in the last, you have to click on the Read option and then in a while, your ISO file will be created and the operation will be completed successfully. 

So as you have seen how easily you can create ISO files of CD / DVD. In the same way, you can also do the rest of the operations. Now all you have to do is to select the Source first, then you have to tell the Destination and in the last, you have to select Read / Write / Build.

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How To Mount ISO Files?

As I told you above that whenever you download an operating system from the internet or some other software, most of the time you get the ISO file of that software. You cannot open the ISO file directly in Windows. To use it you have to burn ISO files to CD/DVD discs with a burning program like Nero or ImgBurn.

If you do not have a CD / DVD burner software or blank CD-R / DVR-R, then you can mount the ISO file if you want. Mounting is a process through which you create a virtual CD/DVD drive of an ISO image file like your real physical CD/DVD drive and then use it as a disc. Windows 8 and 10 have a built-in feature to mount ISO files. Right-click on any ISO file you will get the option to mount. But if you are using windows 7 then third-party tools (software) ) will be needed.

I love the WinCDEmu tool to mount ISO files in Windows 7 because it is very easy to use and only a 1.61MB free tool. To use it, first, download and install it on your computer.

 how to burn or mount an iso game

Now right-click on any ISO file you want to mount and click on “ Select drive letter & Mount ”. Now all you have to do is click OK.

how to burn or mount iso files

Your virtual disk will be created and now whenever you want to unmount, select Eject by right-clicking on it.

imgburn offline installer


I hope you like this information regarding creating, burning, and mounting ISO files. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends. We will get back to your comments as fast as we can. Keep visiting Janta Yojana to get more useful posts from us.

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