It was difficult for Amrita Rao-RJ Anmol to hide love, Dev Anand was suspicious of both – amrita rao rj anmol love story veteran actor dev anand also knew something going on between the two tmov

Story Highlights

  • Amrita Rao-RJ Anmol’s love story
  • secretly met each other
  • Dev Anand was aware of love

Actress Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol have started sharing their love story part by part on YouTube some time back. In the tenth episode of the show, Amrita and Anmol’s family revealed many funny secrets of the couple meeting secretly. The first meeting of the family of both and how was the first impression. Amrita’s mother and her sister, RJ Anmol’s parents and her sister were seen in this episode. Everyone has exposed the secret dating of both of them one by one.

Anmol’s mother said such a thing which became true

RJ Anmol’s mother said that once when she went to the theater to watch the film ‘Vivah’ with the family, she had asked her son to bring ‘Poonam’ (Amrita Rao’s character in marriage). She says, ‘Saraswati was sitting in my tongue at that time, probably because I got Poonam not as Poonam but as daughter-in-law.’ Amrita’s mother also told about the dating of the actress. He said that Amrita did not hang out but during dating she used to go out late night many times.

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When Amrita’s mother got suspicious about the actress

Meanwhile, Amrita told that her mother once followed her till the lift. The actress says, ‘I remember that my mother followed me till the lift. She was asking me where I am going. I was very careful. I said – do I not have freedom? Can’t I go to the compound and do a little walk?’ With this, Amrita further said, ‘I had that situation. it was hard. People think that I am a heroine. I will have a lot of freedom. But it was nothing like that. My parents were very strict.

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Dev Anand told Anmol ‘something is wrong’

In the talks, RJ Anmol’s father narrated the incident when the legend actor Dev Anand also came to know about the love of these lovebirds. He says, ‘It happened at the screening of Jewel Thief. We were standing at a distance. Amrita came to Dev Sahab for an autograph. Dev Saheb felt that something was wrong. He told Anmol – something is cooking khichdi, I feel. Continuing the matter, Anmol’s mother said, ‘Dev Sahab’s eyes were very sharp. We were keeping a very close watch on them (Amrita-Anmol) and they thought that no one was watching them.

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