Jacqueline Fernandez: Father is businessman-mother air hostess, such is Jacqueline’s family, see bonding in photos – Jacqueline Fernandez childhood pics actress shares great bond with her parents tmov

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  • Jacqueline’s childhood photo with parents

Bollywood’s gorgeous diva Jacqueline Fernandez is going through a difficult phase these days. Jacqueline remains in constant discussion about her relationship with thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Recently, an intimate photo of Jacqueline with thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar surfaced, about which there is a lot of discussion. However, Jacqueline has always denied the news of her relationship with Sukesh.

Jacqueline was very cute as a child

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the top famous actresses of Bollywood. Everyone is in awe of Jacqueline’s ravishing style and her million dollar smile. But do you know that the gorgeous diva of Bollywood was very cute and adorable even in her childhood.

Yes .. Jacqueline has shared her childhood photos on her social media handle many times, remembering her childhood days. Jacqueline’s special bonding with her parents looks very cute in childhood photos.

Jacqueline is papa’s princess

In this photo, his father is seen with Little Jacqueline. Jacqueline, who became a princess in a white gown, is seen posing while smiling with her father. Jacqueline’s happiness is clearly visible in the photo. This cute throwback photo with father was shared by Jacqueline on her father’s birthday.

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Mother is Jacqueline’s best friend

Jacqueline also shares a special bond with her mother. Jacqueline shared this special photo with her mom a few years ago and told her as her best friend. The special bond of Jacqueline and her mother in the photo can touch anyone’s heart.

What do Jacqueline’s parents do?

Jacqueline’s father is from Sri Lanka. Jacqueline’s father’s name is Elroy Fernandez, who is a businessman by profession. At the same time, the mother of the actress is Malaysian. According to reports, Jacqueline’s mom has been an air hostess. Jacqueline also has 2 elder brothers and a sister.

Jacqueline’s special appeal after the intimate photo with Sukesh went viral

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After the intimate photo with thug Sukesh went viral, Jacqueline Fernandez issued a statement saying that – This country and the people of this country have always given me a lot of love. This includes my friends from the media, from whom I have learned a lot. I am currently going through a very bad time. I hope to see you come out of it soon.

The actress further wrote – It is a request to my media friends to take care of my privacy and not to circulate my personal photos on such social media. You cannot do this to your near and dear ones. I hope you will not do the same to me. I hope justice will prevail. Thanks.

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