Jitendra Gogi Murder Case: Vicious Rakesh Tajpuria was caught after the encounter, gave weapons to the attackers – Delhi Gangster Jitendra Gogi Murder Case Criminal Rakesh Tajpuria Arrested Police Crime ntc

Story Highlights

  • Special cell carried out the entire operation
  • Weapons were supplied to the killers of Gogi
  • Rakesh Tajpuria is the right hand of Tillu Tajpuria.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested Rakesh Tajpuria, a member of the gangster Tillu Tajpuria gang, after an encounter. Rakesh had supplied weapons to the killers in the Rohini court shootout. Operation Tajpuria has been carried out by Inspector Shivkumar and ACP Atar Singh of Special Cell of Delhi Police. According to the police, Rakesh Tajpuria was operating this gang after Tillu Tajpuria was lodged in jail.

According to the police, Delhi Police had an encounter with Rakesh Tajpuria in the early hours of Wednesday in Narela area of ​​Delhi. In which the team of Special Cell caught Rakesh. In fact, Inspector Shiv Kumar and Pawan Kumar of Special Cell had received information last night that Rakesh Tajpuria was going to come to Narela area with his comrades. He is trying to execute some big crime.

After this information, the team of ACP Atar Singh put a trap near Narela Industrial Area. When the vicious crook Rakesh Tajpuria was seen coming on a bike, the special cell surrounded him from all sides. Seeing the fall from the police, Rakesh fired two or three rounds at the police. In response, the police also opened fire and arrested Rakesh Tajpuria.

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Rakesh Tajpuria is a dreaded criminal. He is considered to be the right hand of Tillu Tajpuria. The weapons used in the murder of Jitendra Gogi were supplied by Rakesh to the miscreants. The miscreants had entered the court with the same weapon and had killed Jitendra Gogi in the courtroom. During the shootout, Rakesh Tajpuria was constantly in touch with the attackers on the phone from outside the court.

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After the Rohini court shootout, the police had also placed a reward of 50 thousand on Rakesh Tajpuria. Significantly, there is a gang war between Jitendra Gogi and Tillu Tajpuria gang. Due to which more than a dozen have been murdered so far.

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