JubileeHills Car Accident Victims: Government Should Do Justice- Family of Jubileehills Accident Victims

Jubilee Hills Car Accident Victims (Jubilee Hills Car Accident Victims)

JubileeHills Car Accident Victims: Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Road No. 45 Accident victim’s family spoke to 10TV. Aslam explained what had happened. The victims said the accident happened at exactly 8 hours 40 minutes last night (March 17). They were hit by a black car while crossing the road. They said the driver was the only one in the car. Sushma, Anil, Archana, Sagarika, Kajol, Sagar were all crossing the road when a speeding car hit them. (Jubilee Hills Car Accident Victims)

They were in tears that they had lost their son in this accident. They said they were injured. He was treated at Apollo Hospital last night and is now being treated at Nimes Hospital. They all said they were going to Maharashtra. Their son’s funeral will be held in Maharashtra. The victim’s family demanded that the perpetrator be severely punished and that the government do justice to them. (JubileeHills Car Accident Victims)

MLA Shakeel: Is that car MLA Shakeel? .. Police suspicions

The facts of the Jubilee Hills car accident are coming to light. Police suspect the car belonged to MLA Shakeel. The car was found to be registered under the name Mirza Infra. It seems that MLA Shakeel, who is a business partner in Mirza Infra, bought in Nizamabad. It is learned that Shakeel explained on Thursday that the car was not his. The sticker was given to another friend. But now it seems almost certain that the car is shaky. Mirza, police chase for his driver (Jubilee Hills Car Accident Victims)

What actually happened?
A fatal road accident took place in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. A child was killed due to the negligence of the driver of the car. A car coming fast from Durgancheruvu climbed the road number 45 divider and hit a tree. Balloons crossing the road slammed into the unlucky ones selling. A two-year-old boy died on the spot from severe head injuries. Two others were injured. The victims were identified as belonging to Maharashtra. The injured were rushed to hospital. The driver fled after being hit by a car. If the victims flew 20 meters away they could understand how fast the car was coming. The victims scattered their belongings along with the money they had accumulated in the paisa.

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MLA Shakeel Car: Two-and-a-half-month-old baby killed in Jubilee Hills MLA car hijacking

The car appears to have been driven by Mirza, a follower of Bodhan MLA Shakeel Ahmed. But the registration is in the name of Infra Company. He was found alone in the car at the time of the incident. A special police team went to check the car registration. Ms. Sticker‌ is looking into how the car got there. The MLA will be given only two stickers. But how did the MLA sticker come to this car? MLA Shakeel Ahmed was the first to say that he had given a car sticker to his friends. Questions are being raised as to whether the car involved in the accident was of those friends or the friend of Mirza MLA who fled after the accident. Police are on the lookout for Mirza, who is on the run. Police say the facts will come to light if he is caught. They are investigating whether he drove under the influence of alcohol or caused a rash driving accident.

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