kanpur woman got heart for transplant from vadodara faridabad ntc

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  • Heart brought from Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Physicians did heart transplant in four hours

In the body of 31-year-old Chandni Mishra, a resident of Railway Colony, Transport Nagar, Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the heart of a 35-year-old woman from Vadodara will now beat. In a way, the woman of Vadodara has given a new life to Chandni Mishra. The heart was transplanted in a procedure that went on at the Asian Hospital, Sector-21A, Faridabad till late Thursday night.

It is being claimed by the Asian Hospital of Faridabad that this is the first heart transplant in Haryana. Haryana’s first heart transplant was done at the hospital in Faridabad. The Green Corridor between Delhi and Faridabad covered a distance of 40 km in 30 minutes and was taken to Heart.

Heart reached on time with the help of green corridor

Doctors at the Asian Hospital in Faridabad have succeeded in transplanting a woman’s heart in just 40 minutes. However, this heart was brought to Delhi by chartered plane from Vadodara in Gujarat, from where a 40-km green corridor was built. After the successful heart transplant, the doctors thanked Faridabad, Gurugram and Delhi Police for making the green corridor and said that due to the green corridor, the heart could reach the hospital on time.

Woman was waiting for heart for 4 years

Heart transplant doctor Amit Chaudhary said that the patient was undergoing treatment for the last three months. The patient’s heart was working only at 14 per cent. The only treatment for this was a heart transplant but due to not getting a matching branded donor for heart transplant, she was waiting for heart for four years. According to Dr. Amit, on 6th January, he received a call from NOTO (National Donor Tissue and Transplant Organisation) in the morning that a woman had died in Vadodara, Gujarat, whose blood group matches with the patient’s blood group. She immediately called the patient along with her husband from Kanpur to Faridabad for transplant. According to Dr. Amit, the team reached the hospital in Vadodara from a charter plane in the morning and reached Delhi airport at around 7 pm with heart.

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It takes only 6 hours to transplant in another body.

After this a green corridor was prepared between Gurugram and Faridabad so that the heart could be brought to the hospital in Faridabad without any hindrance and without delay. According to Dr Amit, the distance of 40 km from Delhi airport to Faridabad hospital was covered in just 30 minutes. At the same time, the chairman of the hospital, Dr NK Pandey told that it was a very complicated surgery. After removing the heart from the body of a branded patient, it takes only six hours to put it in the body of another patient.

Transplant completed in 4 hours

The doctors of Asian Hospital completed this transplant in about 4 hours. Dr Amit and hospital director NK Pandey thanked Faridabad Gurugram and Delhi Police for making the green corridor and said that the police made a green corridor to bring Delhi to Faridabad, due to which Heart reached Faridabad Hospital in only 40 minutes and transplanted on time. could be done.

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