Karnataka: If the loan was not received, the youth set fire to the bank, arrested – Angry youth bank set fire loan not received arrested Karnataka ntc

Story Highlights

  • Loan was not available due to lack of documents
  • The accused had made rounds of the bank many times

A young man was circling for a long time to take a loan from the bank, but the bank was not giving the loan due to some or the other defect. Disturbed by this, a young man took such a step, which no one had any idea. In Haveri, Karnataka, a person got so disgusted with the loan rejection that he set the bank on fire.

According to the agency, the police have registered a case against the accused. And he has been arrested under sections 436, 477 and 435 of the Indian Penal Code i.e. IPC. Along with this, the police has started investigating the matter.

The police said that the bank was not giving loan to the accused because of the defect in the documents. He was making frequent rounds of the bank. But he was not getting success. The bank had refused to give the loan to the person. This made the young man angry.

Fire brigade team extinguishing the fire in the bank

Police said that the angry youth set fire to the bank itself. However, the accused has been arrested. A case has been registered against him under various sections.

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