Know, which web series was mentioned in the court in the Umar Khalid case and why? – umar khalid case web series The Family Man The Trial of the Chicago 7 ntc

Story Highlights

  • Khalid said that the chargesheet is like the story of a web series like ‘The Family Man’.
  • He also mentioned Voldemort, the villainous character of Harry Potter, to target the police.

Police opposes bail plea of ​​former JNU student leader Umar Khalid in Delhi riots case. Opposing Khalid’s bail application before Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Amit Prasad opposed the claims of the former JNU student leader that the probe agency is communal and the chargesheet in the case of conspiracy to riots is fabricated. .

He said, it is clear from the chargesheet that the riots of December 2019 and the riots of February 2020 were linked. Both have the same tendency to commit crimes, such as blocking roads, attacking police, damaging government properties and violence against public and police. He said Khalid tried to divert the attention of the court through his counsel at the time of arguments on his bail application by drawing attention to incompatible materials.

The SPP said, Khalid wants his application to be decided with reference to a web series and to compare the present case with ‘The Family Man’ or ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’. You don’t have anything convincing and you want to divert the attention of the court by drawing attention to inconsistent material. You want media trials and want to be in the limelight.

Khalid had said on September 3, 2021, through senior advocate Tridip Pais, that the chargesheet against him was like the script of a web series like ‘The Family Man’ or a TV news story. He also referred to Voldemort, the villainous character of Harry Potter, to target the police. On December 9, he referred to ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ in court. Prasad said, it is unfortunate to compare the riots in which 53 people have lost their lives with a web series. He also opposed Khalid’s alleged claims that the investigating agency and the investigating officer are communal.

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On behalf of the police, Prasad said, ultimately the motive was to topple the government, undermine the authority of the Parliament which passed the amended citizenship law and destabilize the very foundation of this democracy. The intention was to bring the government to its knees and pressurize for the return of the CAA, he said. I am not saying this, it is proved by the excerpt of the chat in which it is clearly being said that the government will have to be brought to its knees. Prasad, quoting the chargesheet, claimed that the riots of 2020 were not sudden violence. “We have shown from the chargesheet that 23 protest sites were made. Their plan was carefully prepared and the places near the mosques were marked. He said the demonstrations were not dominated by women, rather they were conducted by men and women were being brought in from outside at the protest sites.

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