Kovid virus starts weakening within 5 minutes of exposure to air. Covid virus weakens within 5 minutes of exposure to air: Study

digital desk, London. Within the first five minutes of exposure to the air, the ability of the corona virus to spread is significantly reduced and within 20 minutes the coronavirus is 90 percent breathless. This has been revealed in a new study.

The study has been told in the news published in the English newspaper Guardian. In the midst of the increasing outbreak of Kovid-19, new information is coming out in the ongoing research and discussions regarding it. Now a new research has revealed that this dangerous virus largely loses its ability to transmit infection 20 minutes after exposure to air.

The findings of the research also revealed that the easiest and most effective way to avoid this virus is to wear a mask and follow social distancing rules.

According to the study, ventilation is a worthwhile way to reduce the effect of this virus.

According to Jonathan Reid, director of the Aerosol Research Center at the University of Bristol and lead author of this research, people living in areas with poor ventilation think that they will be away from airborne infections. He said that I do not say that it is not so, but it is also certain that corona infection spreads only by living close to each other.

He said that when there is some distance from one person to another, the virus loses its infectivity as its aerosol gets diluted in such a situation. In this situation the virus is less contagious.

Researchers have done research on the spread of the virus in the air, in which the virus has been allowed to float in the air between two electric rings. The researchers developed a device to generate virus-containing particles and allowed them to float between two electric rings for anywhere between five seconds and 20 minutes in a tightly controlled environment.

In the research, scientists saw that the water of the corona virus is lost very rapidly after it leaves the lungs of a human and the virus’s ability is affected after coming in contact with lower levels of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.

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According to the report, carbon dioxide affects the virus’s ability to infect human cells shortly after exposure to air.

The researchers found that, in an office environment where the humidity of the surrounding area is typically less than 50 percent, the virus loses 50 percent of its ability to spread infection within five seconds, and the virus slowly begins to neutralize. Is.

In addition, in a more humid environment, for example, in a steam room or shower room, the speed of the virus slows down significantly. However, the researchers found that temperature made little difference to viral infectivity and that the virus accelerated in warmer environments.

In such circumstances, Jonathan Reid highlighted the importance of wearing a mask and appealed to wear it.

The researchers found a similar effect in all three SARS-CoV-2 variants, including alpha. The report added that the researchers expect to begin experiments with the Omicron variant in the coming weeks as well.


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