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Publish Date: | Tue, 24 May 2022 02:51 AM (IST)

Akaltara (Naiduniya News). A two and a half year old Kajal Mahant, who came to visit her elder mother in ward number 13 of the city, was wandering crying after being separated from her family a few days ago. Ward number 12 resident Deepak Chandwani, age 11 years, father Suresh Chandwani and Dali Nagdev father Gopal Nagdev, age 10, traced Kajal’s family and took Kajal to her family. The sensitivity and bravery of both the children are being praised by the residents of the city.

A few days ago, two and a half year old daughter of village Taga resident Santosh Das Mahant and Sukrita Mahant, Kajal Mahant had come along with her parents to visit her elder father Bihari Das Mahant ward number 13. Kajal lost her way while playing with the children of Mahant Mohalla and while crying she crossed Yadav Mohalla and Sindhi Mohalla located at Ward No. 12 and reached near Government Kunwar Bhuvan Bhaskar Singh East Secondary School where Deepak Chandwani father Suresh Chandwani and Dali Nagdev father Gopal Nagdev saw Kajal Mahant crying and crying Amma Amma. When asked by Deepak and Dali, Kajal told her name with her parrot tongue but was unable to tell anything about the parents’ name and residence. Seeing Kajal’s helpless condition and crying, Deepak and Dali decided to reunite Kajal with her family and following the path shown by Kajal, reached Ambedkar Chowk via Azad Chowk Yadav Mohalla but could not find any address of Kajal’s family. could. Deepak and Dali decided that Kajal should be interrogated by going in the opposite direction from where Kajal was coming, then from Ambedkar Chowk to Azad Chowk, Sindhi Mohalla, Yadav Mohalla, Guru Ghasidas Mohalla ward through Deepak and Dali. Arrived at number 13 where Kajal was recognized by a member of Kajal’s family. His mother and family were very happy to find Kajal separated from the family and they thanked Deepak and Dali for their courageous and sensitive work. The sensitive and courageous works of Deepak Chandwani and Dali Nagdev are being praised by the residents.

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