What is Major Dhyan Chand Award? List of Dhyan Chand Award Winners

major dhyan chand award

Major Dhyan Chand Award: Dhyan Chand award is the honorary award given in the field of national sports and games. Every year, the excellent sportspersons of India are receiving this honor. If you want to know what is this award and who is it given to, then get the details below.

Major Dhyan Chand Award is an honorary award among the awards given for all the national sports. Major Dhyan Chand honor was instituted in the year 2002. This award is given to sportspersons who have achieved achievements in sports and games during their lifetime. The award is named after the famous hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

major dhyan chand award

This award is given every year by the Ministry of Sports. Along with this, the players who received this award will be given a cash prize, traditional dress, certificate, and a statue. If you also want to know about the Major Dhyan Chand Award, then here you are being provided complete information about what is Dhyan Chand Award, to whom it is given, history, amount.

Major Dhyan Chand Award History

Major Dhyan Chand honor is a respect that is given to boost the morale of the players. Major Dhyan Chand was a soldier in the Indian Army, as well as an Indian field hockey player, who had scored more than 1000 goals in a hockey career spanning 20 years.

The award is named after the Major Dhyan Chand Award for his achievements. The recipients of this award are selected on the basis of their contribution both in their active playing career and post-retirement. Only three sportspersons are honored with this award in a year. (Though 2003, 2012, and 2013 were exceptions).

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dhyan chand award winner

Major Dhyan Chand Award is Given to Whom?

Major Dhyan Chand Award is given to the players who have performed very well in the field of sports. For example, Major Dhyan Chand had scored more than 1000 goals while performing well in the field of sports in his 20 years, after which the players who performed well in the field are given Major Dhyan Chand honor in their name.

Major Dhyan Chand Award Prize Amount

Major Dhyan Chand winners, along with the award, also receive a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh. Along with this, the winners receive a statuette, certificate, and ceremonial nutrition.

List of Dhyan Chand Award Winners

S. No. Major Dhyan Chand Award Winners Discipline Year
1. Shahuraj Birajdar Boxing 2002
2. Aparna Ghosh Basketball 2002
3. Ashok Diwan Hockey 2002
4. Ram Kumar Basketball 2003
5. Charles Cornelius Hockey 2003
6. Dharam Singh Hockey 2003
7. Om Prakash Volleyball 2003
8. Smita Shirole Yadav Rowing 2003
9. Digamber Mehendale Athletics (Physically challenged) 2004
10. Labh Singh Athletics 2004
11. Hardayal Singh Hockey 2004
12. Maruti Mane Wrestling 2005
13. Manoj Kumar Kothari Billiards & Snooker 2005
14. Rajinder Singh Hockey 2005
15. Harishchandra Birajdar Wrestling 2006
16. Uday K. Prabhu Athletics 2006
17. Nandy Singh Hockey 2006
18. Rajinder Singh Wrestling 2007
19. Shamsher Singh Kabaddi 2007
20. Varinder Singh Hockey 2007
21. Gian Singh Wrestling 2008
22. Hakam Singh Athletics 2008
23. Mukhbain Singh Hockey 2008
24. Satbir Singh Dahiya Wrestling 2009
25. Ishar Singh Deol Athletics 2009
26. Anita Chanu Weightlifting 2010
27. Satish Pillai Athletics 2010
28. Kuldeep Singh Wrestling 2010
29. Shabbir Ali Football 2011
30. Sushil Kohli Swimming 2011
31. Rajkumar Baisla Wrestling 2011
32. Gundeep Kumar Hockey 2012
33. Vinod Kumar Wrestling 2012
34. Jagraj Singh Mann Athletics 2012
35. Sukhbir Singh Tokas Para-Sports 2012
36. Syed Ali Hockey 2013
37. Anil Mann Wrestling 2013
38. Mary D’Souza Sequeira Athletics 2013
39. Girraj Singh Athletics (Parasports) 2013
40. Zeeshan Ali Tennis 2014
41. Gurmail Singh Hockey 2014
42. K. P. Thakkar Swimming 2014
43. Romeo James Hockey 2015
44. Shiv Prakash Mishra Tennis 2015
45. T. P. Padmanabhan Nair Volleyball 2015
46. Sylvanus Dung Dung Hockey 2016
47. Sathi Geetha Athletics 2016
48. Rajendra Pralhad Shelke Rowing 2016
49. Bhupender Singh Athletics 2017
50. Syed Shahid Hakim Football 2017
51. Sumrai Tete Hockey 2017
52. Satyadev Prasad Archery 2018
53. Bharat Kumar Chettri Hockey 2018
54. Bobby Aloysius Athletics 2018
55. Dadu Dattatray Chougale Wrestling 2018
56. Manuel Frederick Hockey 2019
57. Arup Basak Table Tennis 2019
58. Manoj Kumar Wrestling 2019
59. Nitin Kirtane Tennis 2019
60. C. Lalremsanga Archery 2019
61. Kuldip Singh Bhullar Athletics 2020
62. Jincy Philips Athletics 2020
63. Pradeep Shrikrishna Gandhe Badminton 2020
64. Trupti Murgunde Badminton 2020
65. N. Usha Boxing 2020
66. Lakha Singh Boxing 2020
67. Sukhvinder Singh Sandhu Football 2020
68. Ajit Pal Singh Hockey 2020
69. Manpreet Singh Kabaddi 2020
70. J. Ranjith Kumar Para Athletics 2020
71. Satya Prakash Tiwari Para Badminton 2020
72. Manjeet Singh Rowing 2020
73. Sachin Nag Swimming 2020
74. Nandan P. Bal Tennis 2020
75. Netarpal Hooda Wrestling 2020
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Major Dhyan Chand Award is a lifetime achievement sporting honor in India. The sportsperson who has given exceptional performance in the National Games is given this award. If you have any doubts related to this post, then drop them in the comments below. We hope you found this article helpful. Keep visiting Janta Yojana to get more useful guides.

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