Migrant laborers who faced difficulties in the last lockdown are returning to their homes. Corona: Migrant laborers who faced difficulties in the last lockdown are returning to their homes

digital desk, New Delhi. Last time I was stuck with my family. Doing two days – four days the lockdown increased and I had a lot of trouble. The problem of even food had arisen, so this time when I heard about the curfew, I left already.
This is to say of Hemant Maurya, who is a native of Ambedkar Nagar and is earning his livelihood by working as a laborer in Delhi. Fearing that the lockdown might not be imposed in Delhi, Himanta already left for his home.

In fact, more than 20 thousand cases of corona have been found in Delhi in the last 24 hours. In such a situation, the migrants and especially the laborers are very scared due to the fear of lockdown. Although the government has implemented a curfew for the prevention of corona, but in view of the current situation, the migrant laborers are engaged in preparations to go home and some are also leaving slowly.

However, it seems that this time the same people are going, who were most upset in the last lockdown. If someone stuck with his family, some did not even have money to eat, due to this many people are already choosing to go home.

Taufeeq Ahmed is a resident of Ambedkar Nagar, working in a society in Prem Nagar, Delhi. Many laborers from their village or local village work with them here. Even before the curfew was imposed in Delhi, about 8 people went back to their villages because they were afraid of the lockdown.

He told IANS, around 7-8 people have left from Delhi. Other workers are also expressing their desire to go back. Although we have assured all the laborers that there will be no problem of food but even then people are scared.

Taufiq says, the workers who faced problems during the last lockdown are the most scared and the same workers are also running away. Along with this, the fare of buses has also been increased. Prior to Prem Nagar in Delhi, private buses used to run for thousand rupees, but now they are asking for 1200 rupees.

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He further said that the laborers of Bihar, Gonda, Moradabad etc. have fled. Two days ago 4 people went and before that 3 laborers had gone. We want all of them to come back soon, otherwise work will be affected. But looking at the situation, all these decisions will be taken because all the laborers who have gone now have not told when they will come.

Actually, on Monday in Delhi, the government will hold a meeting on the current corona situation, in this meeting the further strategy will be considered and nothing can be said on whether the lockdown will be imposed or not because the government is refusing from its side.

In the last lockdown, Ambedkar Nagar resident Hemant Maurya saw a lot of trouble, due to which now he does not want to see the same situation again and has gone back to his house fearing the curfew in Delhi.

Hemant told IANS, “We had left Delhi two days ago in the night. Last time I was stuck with my family. The lockdown kept on increasing for two days-four days and I had a lot of trouble, even the problem of eating had arisen, so this time when I heard I left already.

If the curfew is not increased, then they will come, otherwise they will not come now. I left on 6th January only because of fear. There will be problem of work but if there is life then we will find it further, this time I had 4 other companions also.

Hemant is not the only one who has left Delhi and gone back to his home. Raju, 33, a resident of Gonda district, was also troubled during the last lockdown and this time he had already left for his home if he did not face any problem.

He told, during the last lockdown, we used to live together with our children. Had to starve for the whole day and there was no money in the pocket. Had some money but had left Delhi after taking loan from another friend. That’s why this time I have already come out to my house, if curfew does not increase further, I will come back.

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A boy named Vinod from another village has also come back home with me. Will consider coming back now because the situation is not right now. Will come back if something feels right.

Most of the people from other states work in Delhi. In such a situation, if the cases of corona do not improve soon, then the pictures of the last time may come out.

However, there are many private bus operators outside the Anand Vihar bus stand who handle the buses going to Bihar. According to him, such situations have not come yet and he is also taking the bus fare as normal.


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